The Face of God


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The Face of God : 

The Face of God

The Biblical Tableaux : 

The Biblical Tableaux



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“ And….. he surrounded his Christ figure with faces That speak of sin, unendurable suffering,

and ultimate salvation.” : 

and ultimate salvation.”

The Crucifixion 1 : 

The Crucifixion 1

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Saint Sebastian II

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Fifth Station Of the Cross

Saint Johnof theCross : 

Saint Johnof theCross

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The Deposition Of Christ

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The Entombment Of Christ

Incredulity of Saint Thomas : 

Incredulity of Saint Thomas “I will not believe it is the risen Messiah until I put my hand into his wounds.”

The Conversion of St. Paul : 

The Conversion of St. Paul This portrait was taken In my New Orleans studio The morning Katrina rolled in.

“Good art must not be Immoral… : 

“Good art must not be Immoral… But it should bear true witness.”

Lazarus : 


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Ecce Homo

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Saint John of God “Three passions have governed My life: The longing for love, The search for knowledge, And the unbearable pity for The suffering of mankind.”

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Deposition II “Art is passion or it is nothing.”

Saint Sebastian : 

Saint Sebastian

The Kiss of Judas : 

The Kiss of Judas

The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen : 

The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen

Saint George : 

Saint George

Witness to the Assumption : 

Witness to the Assumption

Meditations of the Cross : 

Meditations of the Cross

St. John the Baptist : 

St. John the Baptist

“I am a part of all that I have met.” : 

“I am a part of all that I have met.”

Your Young Men Shall See Visions and Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams. : 

Your Young Men Shall See Visions and Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams.

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Entombment 1 : 

Entombment 1

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Death of the Holy Virgin

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Original Sin Death of Abel

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Pieta Joseph of Arimethea

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Jeremiah interceding to God For David

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Crucufixion of Saint Peter

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“A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning And great weeping; Rachael weeping for Her children and Refusing to be comforted For her children are No more

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Davinci’s Page Caprotti il Salaino Leonardo’s companion and Assistant for thirty years. From the age of ten “The Incarnate Angel”

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Abel’s Assumption

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Meditation II

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The Entombment II

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The Last Supper

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Entombment Saint Joseph

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Meditation III

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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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Saint James, the Greater Beloved Desciple of Christ

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Meditations III “Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move the hearts Of men.”

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Saint Jerome Cardinal

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Saint Raphael Mentioned in the Bible By name.

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Saint John the Baptist He said “I am the voice “Of one crying in the Wilderness.”

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“He, whose heart Is fixed on beauty Itself, shares one Of God’s sweetest Joys.” Muse

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Saint Martin Of Tours “I do my art for the same Reason I breath, I must In order to exist.”

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Saint Vincent de Paul Because I have loved life, I will have no sorrow to die.”

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Crucufixion III “Sorrows of the Holy Mother”

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Saint John Of The Cross

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Saint Jerome II

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Prodical Son

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In the studio Graham with Mr. Elwood Richardson

“There is a time to live…. : 

And a time to die.” “There is a time to live….

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“I wish to thank every soul who appeared in or helped in making this project a reality. Special gratitude goes to: Scotty Whitehurst: ACTOR/STUDENT - Youthful Christ Jeffery Clements: COMPUTER GENIUS - Older Christ Billy Dean: ROOFER - Older Christ Elwood Richardson GALLERY OWNER/ARTIST – Apostle/Saint Lloyd Sensat: TEACHER/TOUR GUIDE - Apostle/Desciple/Saint Eugene Cizik Architect – Apostle/Saint Amzie Adams: ARTIST/MUSICAN -Apostle/Saint Richard Thompson: VIOLINIST - Saint/Apostle Rich Magill RETIRED Apostle/Saint Tim Angle OWNER ANGLE CUSTOM FRAMES Apostle/Saint Ron Joullian LIBRARIAN Apostle/Saint

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