Features of Checks360 software for background screener's


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Checks360 is a highly recommended software by top background screening companies for its special features of smart fetch and Automated template designer


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Features List Speed Up Your Background Screening Operations Checks360

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Checks360 is an innovative technology platform of Kadamba Technologies, a product and services company providing cost-effective end-to-end solutions that are of high quality based on integrated IT and BPO services through practical application of software and technology. We focus on ensuring that our product or service adds considerable value to our customer's business. Kadamba looks to set standards in the industry and be a forerunner in its domains of operation. How does Kadamba provide high quality solutions to its clients across varied segments? Through a combination of technology skills, domain expertise and with a long-term commitment towards building client relationships. Our team Our highly motivated, dedicated and client-centric team, never shies away from taking ownership of every little task they do and they constantly explore new ways to add value to your business. With a perfectly balanced team we bring together business understanding and technical expertise and a passionate approach to whatever we do.

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SmartFetch Checks360 SmartFetch is a feature in Checks360 that can automatically connect to the customer ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and update the case data and documents into Checks360 Automating data entry process using Checks360 SmartFetch can significantly bring down the operational cost and eliminate manual errors. SmartFetch helps the service provider save up to 20 minutes per case for the client. For large scale operations, impact on TAT can be quite significant. SmartFetch can also work independently along with any Background verification technology

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FlexiReport A report template is a the format of the report, in terms of presentation Define a header and footer for each report Text formatting can be done for each component or check using powerful editor Create one table format and re-use across checks many times over. Define in which order the checks and components appear in report. Insert page breaks where required Define where the attachments appear in the report for each check e.g. immediately after check information or at the end of the report Preview anytime during the design Create template over many sessions Copy an existing template and reuse for another client

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