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Agar and agarases:

Agar and agarases Presented by Dr. Cheba Ben Amar Associate Professor of Biotechnology (MCA) University of Science and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf (USTOMB)Oran, Algeria


الأغاروالأغاراز مقدمة من قبل د. بن عمر شبة أستاذ محاضر أ –قسم البيوتكنولوجيا - كلية العلوم- جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا وهران


Agar/ Agarases

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In Japan, agar has been used as a food since several hundred years. From Japan its use extended to other oriental countries during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries . Nowadays, agar has a wide variety of uses due to its stabilizing and gelling characteristics . Agar has been mainly used in microbiological media because it is not easy for microorganisms to metabolize as well as forms clear, stable and firm gels

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It is a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) food additive, which is used in icings , glazes, processed cheese , jelly sweets , and marshmallows .


AGAR SOURCES Agar is a complex polysaccharide derived from the agarophytes of the Rhodophytea such as Gelidium sp, Gracilaria sp and pterocladia sp . the agar gel comprises a matrix of double helical polymer chaines held together by hydrogen bonds.


AGAR STRUCTURE Agar is consisting of Agarose and agaropection . Agarose is linear polysaccharide composed of alternating residues of 3-0-linked ß-D- galacto pyranose and 4-0-linked 3.6– anhydro –α– l – galactopyranose , while agaropectin is a polysaccharide containing substituent groups such as sulfate, mithoxyl and pyruvate (1)

Structure of agarose.:

Structure of agarose.

Agarases classification :

Agarases classification

Agarases sources:

Agarases sources Enzymes capable of degrading agar have been isolated from molluscs (2) and from bacteria of the genera Alteromonas (3-4) , cytophoga (5, 6) , pseudomonas (7-8) pseudoalteromonas (9) streptomyces (10-11) , vibrio (12-13) and Bacillus (14)

Agar degradation types:

Agar degradation types

Agar degradation types:

Agar degradation types

Agarase activity in agar and agarose respectively:

Agarase activity in agar and agarose respectively

Thank you for your kind interest:

Thank you for your kind interest

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