Top 15 The Most Essential Stationery Supplies For Back To School

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It's time to start shopping for deals on cheap school supplies. Take a look at our top 15 the most essential stationery supplies for back to school. Kidz Gifts offering a wide range of wholesale stationery and back to school supplies at amazingly low prices. Visit:


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BACK TO SCHOOL Its time to start shopping for deals on cheap school supplies. Take a look at our top 15 the most essential stationery items for back to school.

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KIDZ GIFTS WHOLESALE STATIONERY Get ready for the school year with our wide range of fun and colourful back to school supplies.

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WIDE SELECTION OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES Pencils Pencil Cases Novelty Erasers Math Sets Rulers Notebooks Calculators Paper Scissors Sharpeners Drawing Sets Colouring

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EXTRA SMALL COMPACT HELIX ERASERS These extra small compact Helix erasers are suitable all kind pencils each eraser has a printed Helix logo on it they are perfect to use in school. £0.07

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EMOJI STYLE SCHOOL BARREL PENCIL CASE Stand out with this cool pencil case. The use of emoji icons has become an integral part of how we communicate with over 6 billion “picture characters” being sent daily Driven through the rise of smart phones social media and instant messaging Emoji icons are instantly recognizable and appeal to all ages. £1.42

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NOTEBOOKS SPACE ROBOT Space robot notebooks with spiral top bound with white unruled paper. £0.09

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HELIX ORACLE MATHS SET This math set contains high quality accurate equipment. All items are perfectly fitted into a unique designed compact storage case. Featuring unique high quality sturdy and durable stationery to use every day in school at home or in work. £3.00

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HELIX ERGO ERASER AND SHARPENER This is a blister pack set of Helix ergo eraser and a soft grip pencil sharpener ergonomic designed for a comfortable grip. The eraser has defined edges for precise erasing the sharpener has durable stainless steel blades to keep for long lifetime. £0.54

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MAPED STUDY STOP COMPASS PENCIL This Maped study locking compass with ergonomic grip head and pencil set comes packed in a protective plastic universal storage case with ruler on the case. The compass has a unique design and locking system to securely hold the pen in place. £1.00

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TIP-EX RAPID CORRECTION FLUID DRY This Rapid correction fluid from Tipp-Ex is ideal for all types of paper corrections. The chisel-shaped foam tip gives you a precise and high quality tool for erasing your mistakes and the fast drying correction fluid formula means you can write over it quickly. The foam applicator ensures you can achieve a clog-free smooth application. £0.75

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STUDY REVISION SET IN EXAM PENCIL CASE Study Revision Set in Clear Exam Pencil Case. Includes the following: Ballpoint pen Highlighter Bright Neon Sticky Memo Notes 30 Ruled Revision Cards. All the stationery needed to keep your revision notes organised. £1.34

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PACK OF 3 A4 EXERCISE BOOK COVERS This a set of 3 Tiger A4 exercise book covers with a 60mm flap this pp plastic sleeves are made from 150 micron strong enough to protect your exercise books from being damaged. 9 x 7 inch clear book covers. £0.55

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BLUE PILOT V BALL PEN LIQUID INK 0.5MM The Pilot pens has been a long-time favourite among pen users so it’s good to see a BegreeN extra fine smooth writing version. A smooth liquid ink rollerball with Pilot’s V-System regulator to control ink flow. Visible ink supply and long writing distance. 0.5mm ball writes a 0.3mm line. £0.39

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SCHOOLS STATIONERY SET 14 Pcs. School Stationery Set Set contains: 2 x Ballpoint pens – black and blue 2 x Unsharpened pencils with eraser 3 x Assorted coloured erasers 1 x Sharpener 1 x Scissor 1 x Solar Powered Calculator 1 x 6 ″ ruler 3 x Shaped rulers £1.42

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5 PACK NORIS ASSORTED GRADES PENCILS These are 5 Noris assorted high quality grades sharpened pencils for writing drawing and sketching ideal for school and office use easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener manufactured from wood from certified sustainable managed forests and they are highly break resistant. £1.49

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WIPE CLEAN WORKSHEET – TIMES TABLES Perfect to help those children struggling in school or just to help other catch on quicker and practice. These packs come with 20 wipe clean worksheets and a pen with wiper on the lid – Perfect to keep practicing until you get it right and then pass on to someone else £0.66

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PACK OF 5 MINI HIGHLIGHTERS Pack of 5 Mini Highlighters • 5 neon colour mini highlighter with clip. • Blue pink orange yellow and green. • Chisel tip. • Non toxic. £1.42

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A4 PLAIN REFILL PAPER PAD WITH HOLES High quality A4 refill paper pad with 160 PLAIN pages. This is ideal paper pad for making notes with pages that are suitable for writing on both sides. £0.47

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