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Case studies are beneficial as they are practical examples of a theoretical study. They help in the understanding the implication/impact of the topic by relating it. There are usually eight sections in a case study. Read carefully and visit https://www.cheapestessay.com/case-study-writing Now!


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Writing A Case Study Study:

Writing A Case Study Study

Executive Summary:

Executive Summary • Outline the purpose of the case study. • Describe the field of research. • Outline the issues and findings of the case study without the specific details. • Identify the theory that will be used. • Note any assumptions made (you may not have all the information you'd like so some assumptions may be necessary e.g.: "It has been assumed that…", "Assuming that it takes half an hour to read one document…").


• Identify the problems found in the case by: • analyzing the problem, supporting your findings with facts given in the case, the relevant theory and course concepts . • searching for the underlying problems • This section is often divided into sub sections. Findings


Summaries the major problem/s. Identify alternative solutions to this/these major problem/s. Briefly outline each alternative solution and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. There is no need to refer to theory or coursework here. Discussion


Conclusion Sum up the main points from the findings and discussion.


Choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted. Briefly justify your choice explaining how it will solve the major problem/s. This should be written in a forceful style as this section is intended to be persuasive. Here integration of theory and coursework is appropriate. Recommendations


Implementation • Explain what should be done, by whom and by when. • If appropriate include a rough estimate of costs ( both financial and time ).

Writing a Case Study Essay:

Writing a Case Study Essay References Make sure all references are cited correctly. Appendices Attach any original data that relates to the study but which would have interrupted the flow of the main body.


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