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SUMIT KUMAR CHAUBEY MBA R.N. 0907070048 Assigned by: Mr. Nitin bhargava ( lec .) Dept. of business studies CERT meerut


PROCESS OF PERSONAL SELLING Prospecting Identifying and Qualifying Presentation approach and demonstration Handling of Objections The close Follow up Pre approach and call planning


The planning work which is essential in eliminating non buyers is called prospecting. The most important part of entire selling process lies in locating the most promising prospect. The first step is to identify the prospects, while the second is find the qualified potential customers and established their validity PROSPECTING IDENTIFYING AND QUALIFYING……….


Identification of prospect is taxing job and every job and every sales person should try to collect information about the potential customers from the available sources. Some of the sources and techniques employed for finding prospects are as follows : IDENTIFICATION OF PROSPECTS


Current Customers Referrals of satisfied customers or endless chain Centre of influence Sales trainees Cold canvassing Directories Mailing list Trade shows, exhibitions etc. CONTIN ……….

Qualifying the prospects:

For a successful sales presentation the following things regarding the prospect should be kept in mind He has a clear and well defined need for the product or service He has the authority to make decision Factor which one has to consider in order to qualifying a prospect can be summarized in the acronym MAN , i.e M oney : The ability to pay for product or service A uthority : The authority to make a commitment on his own N eed : The need for the product or service exists Qualifying the prospects

Pre approach and call planning:

Once the prospect has been identified , the sales person should not show haste in making an appointment soon and delivering their sales pitch. It is important to understand that first of all as much information as possible about the prospecting customer should be gathered and a lot of planning is required before a sales person should contact the prospect. Pre approach and call planning

Pre approach:

Pre approach is based on the principle of marketing concept that stresses customer orientation . The more the sales person knows about the prospect , the better the chance of making a sale The sales person should try and gather information like : What is the financial position of prospect ? What are his special needs or problems ? Who will get involved in making the buy decision? Pre approach

Call planning :

It is basically a specific planning sequence. The sales person has to first of all define the objective to call ,secondly, devise a selling strategy to achieve this objective and lastly make the appointment the ultimate objective of getting the order there might be certain intermediate objective which may be: To gain more information about the prospect. To obtain permission for the mission for the demonstration of the product To introduce a new distributor. The settle past collect disputes. Call planning


Categories of presentation these are five types Fully automated Semi automated Memorized Organised Unstructured Presentation

Requirements of presentation :

Plan Pattern Power Proof Pictures Participation : the sales person should observe the reaction of the consumer. He should also welcome his remarks and watch for the buying signal. Some of the important signals are: Consumer picking the product He moves closer to get a better look at the product He suddenly sits up in the middle of the presentation Requirements of presentation


It is the approach that makes or breaks a presentation. If the approach fails, the sales person cannot proceed to give a presentation or demonstration. The sales person should try and dress similar to what the buyers wear and should be courteous and polite in manners > A good approach should : Attract the prospects attention Arouse his interest in conversion Make it easy to have a transition into the demonstration phase These are four basic approaches 1.Introductory approach 2.Product approach 3.Consumer benefit approach 4.Referral approach DEMONSTRATION APPROACH

Handling the objections….:

Prospects usually show resistance against buying products by pointing out real or imaginary hurdles and by voicing objections. The sales person should try and make the customer feel that he is sensitive and available whenever the customer needs Handling the objections….

Closing the sales:

After the dealt with the the customer’ objections comes the stages when the sales persons ask the order. Unless the sales takes place the entire process is wasted effort. A few of the techniques are given below Action close Gift close Benefit close Direct close Alternative close Objection close Closing the sales

Follow up:

After a successful there is a still a great deal of work to be done. In order to make the customer satisfied the sales person has to ensure that the product is deliver at the desire location and at an appropriate time Sending letters , notes , phone calls greeting etc. are good way of keeping in touch with customers .some company newsletters etc to keep them well informed. The sales persons keep in touch with customers and keep them informed about the products and services . Follow up

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