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Its a latest technology for crime investigation


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Brain Fingerprinting : 

Brain Fingerprinting By Ch. V. M. Naveen III/IV B.Tech G. V. Suresh III/IV B.Tech P. Sandeep Varma III/IV B.Tech

Historical Background : 

Historical Background Finger Printing is the forth most technology used in the past. Then evolved a new technology DNA figer printing. In which both of these the evidences should be carefully collected and preserved.

Drawbacks of previous technologies : 

Drawbacks of previous technologies Additional investigate work and skill required. Rarity of finger prints and DNA samples Need for other Scientific Techniques to identify perpetrators.


BRAIN FINGER PRINTING Human brain is central to all human activities, it is also a central to criminal act. Dr.Farewell discovered this brain finger printing not only making that brain is the center for all criminal acts. This is a new era in law of enforcement and intelligence. It has also become a breakthrough for all practical applied technologies. Scientific detection of the record of the crime in the perpetrators brain.

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Brain responses were recorded from the midline frontal, central, and parietal scalp locations, referenced to linked mastoids (behind the ear), and from a location on the forehead to track eye movements At the end of each test, subjects were given a written list of all stimulus items and asked to mark each item as noteworthy, somewhat noteworthy, or irrelevant – those marked were thrown out

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Defining Brain Finger Printing 1.Scientific technique to determine whether or not specific information is stored in an individual's brain 2.Relevant words, pictures or sounds are presented to a subject by a computer in a series with stimuli 3.The brainwave responses measured using a patented headband equipped with EEG sensors P300- Specific, measurable brain response emitted by the brain of a subject who has the relevant information stored in his brain

Four Phases of Farewell Brain Printing : 

Four Phases of Farewell Brain Printing 1.Brain Finger Printing Crime Scene Evidence collection 2.Brain Finger Printing brain evidence collection 3.Brain Finger Printing computer evidence analysis. 4.Brain Finger Printing scientific result.

Applications : 

Applications National security Medical diagnosis Alzheimer’s Disease Advertising Crimial justice system

National Security : 

National Security Identify terrorists and accomplices prior to attacks by determining whether specific information is embedded in the memory of the subject

Medical Field : 

Medical Field Alzheimer’s Disease Detects P300 brainwave Symptoms reversible through dietary and medicinal changes Pharmeceutical companies See effects of new medication Doctors can monitor treatments and adjust them

Advertising : 

Advertising Brain fingerprinting allows advertisers to determine what information from an ad is retained in memory What elements do people pay attention to What type of media is most effective How to advertise to people all over the world

Criminal Justice : 

Criminal Justice Used with MERMER technology FBI and CIA endorsed to convict criminals P300 brainwave is emitted if a memory of presented stimulus exists in the brain Difference between perpetrator and the innocent is the memory of the crime scene embedded in the brain

Benefits of Brain Finger Printing : 

Benefits of Brain Finger Printing Identify crime perpetrators quickly and scientifically. Record 100% accuracy. Confirm Innocence,clear the falsely accused and falsely convicted. Identify terrorists,gangs and intelligence organizations. Reduce expenditure of money,costs and complexities. Provide imlpementation of field under various conditions. Support the right to speedy and fair trail and reduce invasion of justice.

Challenges achieved by this technology : 

Challenges achieved by this technology When compared to the other techologies like DNA finger printing and physical evidence this techology is far better Accurate and scientific technique saves resources. Implemented in forensic sciences and human rights oriented. Effectively solving problem in a trillion dollar market.

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