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Monaco Le Royaume d'une Princesse

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The Kelly Family - 1947 Grace, her father, Kell, Lizanne and her mother

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In “Mogambo”, with Clark Gable 1952

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Already a consecrated Hollywood star 1954

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1954 - Best actress Oscar in “The Country Girl” with William Holden with Marlon Brando

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1956 – Her last film “High Society” – scene with Louis Armstrong

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“High Society” Scene with Frank Sinatra

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The engagement with Prince Rainier III – Jan 05, 1956 wearing the flower that was her legendary passion – the orchid

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The marriage in April 19, 1956

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Prínce and Princess of Monaco Official photo

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Familiar life At official solemnity

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Her firstborn, Princess Caroline Née Caroline Louise Margueritte Grimaldi, in January 23, 1957

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Born Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi in March 14, 1958 Prince Albert, second son and first in succession

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Née Stéphanie Marie Élisabeth Grimaldi, in February 1st , 1965 The youngest child

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Grandchildren – from the firstborn Andrea Charlotte Pierre

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Principality of Monaco The Grimaldi, a family of Genovese origin exiles, in December 8, 1297 joined Monaco’s Fortress – by then a Genovese colony – and launched the first stone in this fortified square (today the Principality Palace).

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Grimaldi Palace Is ever since the official residence of Monaco’s Principality Princes

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Throne room During the last five centuries is the scenery of most of royal family weddings, besides other solemn ceremonies.

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The Cliff View of the Grimaldi Castle on the Cliff, and part of the Port of Monaco.

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Monaco’s Port Officially, “Port Hercule”

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The Cathedral Where Grace married and rests forever

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Court Palace Its construction begun in 1924; dedicated in May 1st, 1930

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Dedicated in 1910 by its founder, Prince Albert I Oceanographic Museum

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This Museum and Institute was directed by Jacques Cousteau Oceanographic Museum - facade

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Fontvieille Port Built 50 years ago, protected by the oriental part of the Cliff of Monaco is the best sheltered one.

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Inaugurated in 1864 “Hotel de Paris”

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“Hotel de Paris” Salle Empire

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Grand Prix Sunday Monaco is a party allover

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View from outside the upper exit of the train station Grand Prix Circuit

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The guardrails were still in place from the Monaco Grand Prix Grand Prix Sunday - Hotel de Paris

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Casino Plaza On a feast day

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Monte Carlo The beach

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Art in the gardens Botero – Adam and Eve

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... collective of luxury… ... Marina

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... or singular opulence ... Pier

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The Shopping Mall Outside architecture

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The Shopping Mall Inside shops

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Monte Carlo The port at night

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“Café de Paris” Where everybody “happens”, or watch who does…

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“Café de Paris” At night, more swarm still Monaco’s mythic meeting point

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Hotel Hermitage One of the most traditional and refined of Monaco’s hotels.

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Hotel Hermitage Main entrance

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Hotel Hermitage Lobby

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Hotel Hermitage Salle Belle Epoque

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Monte Carlo Casino – architecture detail By Charles Garnier, architect that projected also the Paris Opera

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Monte Carlo Casino Under its lights magic

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Monte Carlo Opera House Conceived by Charles Garnier as well

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The Royal Entrance Monte Carlo Opera House

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The sons at present... The son, present Sovereign Prince of Principality as Albert II, and Princesses

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Grace also left her mark adding a new tradition – 54th Ball of Roses – III 24, 2007 Roses were amongst the passions of Princess Grace, who idealized this social and beneficent happening, and has been its first hostess

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and… in July 27, 2007, the 59th Red Cross’ Beneficent Ball Honoring Princess Grace, when Grimaldi’s House Princesses entered bearing bouquets of other of its great passions – the orchids

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