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Why study? : 

Why study? Psychology as a science. We will encounter classic studies and experiments that use these different methods.

Research Methods : 

Research Methods Descriptive Methods Naturalistic observation Laboratory observation Case Studies Surveys and Interviews Correlational Research Experimental Research Difference? Simply gather information; gives detailed description Investigates specific variables

Naturalistic Observation : 

Naturalistic Observation Jane Goodall Advantages Realistic view of how behavior occurs. Observer effect Disadvantages Observer bias. Each naturalistic setting is unique.

Laboratory Observation : 

Laboratory Observation Bandura & Bobo Dolls

Laboratory Observation : 

Laboratory Observation Advantage The researcher has some degree of control; manageable Disadvantage Artificial setting may result to artificial behavior.

Case Studies : 

Case Studies Phineas Gage Advantage Amount of detail it provides The only way to get certain kind of information Study things that are rare. Disadvantages Generalizability Observer bias

Surveys and Interviews : 

Surveys and Interviews Advantages Private information Amount of data from large group of people. Disadvantage Representative sample Accurate answers? (courtesy bias, misremember things, outright lying, distort truth)

Correlational Research : 

Correlational Research Self-esteem versus loneliness “Are you lonely because you have low self-esteem or you have low self-esteem because you are lonely?” Correlation does not prove causation. Measure of the relationship between two or more variables.

Experimental Research : 

Experimental Research Researchers deliberately manipulate the variable they think is causing some behavior while holding all other variables that might interfere with the experiment’s result constant and unchanging.

Experimental Research : 

Experimental Research Extrinsic Reward and creativity (Amabile, 1982) Variable 1 – presence of material reward Variable 2 – creativity

Experimental Research : 

Experimental Research Environmental condition and memory?

Experimental Research : 

Experimental Research Advantages? Changes in behavior can easily attribute to the manipulated variable Disadvantages? Placebo effect Experimenter effect


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NEXT MEETING: SELF IN THE SOCIAL WORLD Do you have a high or low self-esteem? Do you wear different masks everyday? Why do you deliberately sabotage your performance in an exam?

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