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Discography is a test in which with x-ray guidance a needle is inserted into the disc space, most commonly in the low back area, to better diagnose persistent pain that is caused by disruption of the discs, whether herniated or damaged, to help diagnose and treat pain originating from those discs.


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TRANSFORAMINAL INJECTIONS A transforaminal injection is a commonly used procedure in interventional pain management. With x-ray guidance, a needle is guided into the exiting of the nerve root as it comes out from the spinal cord through a small hole called the foramina. Placing the steroid specifically at that level between where the disc might be pinching it or a bone spur might be pinching the nerve will alleviate the neck or back pain as well as pain that radiates to the arms or the legs and is very effective treatment.

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WHAT IS SPINAL CORD STIMULATION Spinal cord stimulation is an advanced procedure where a small device similar to a pacemaker is surgically implanted as a small surgical procedure with electrodes that are inserted into the spinal canal to treat chronic severe neck, midthoracic , or low back pain that radiates to arms or legs. This can be a very effective small surgery treatment as compared to a larger surgery to control severe pain. This device is also commonly used in patients that have had two or three surgeries and despite that still have severe chronic pain and it can be a very significant adjuvant for dealing with the pain.

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POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS Scientists and doctors have made tremendous advances to make tissue regeneration a reality in treating many diseases. Through regenerative medicine, a person can take advantage of their body’s ability to heal itself by using the healthy adult stem cells that can be found throughout the body. Laboratory and clinical research has shown that it is possible to use adult stem cells to restore lost, damaged or aging cells and effectively regenerate tissue in the body. Regenerative therapies are showing promise in the treatment of orthopedic pain. SPINE Discogenic back pain Osteoarthritis of facet joints Degenerative disc disease SHOULDER Partial rotator cuff tears Labral tears Mild to moderate osteoarthritis HIP Osteoarthritis Labral tears Articular cartilage injuries

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SACROILIAC JOINT INJECTION Sacroiliac joint injection is an injection into a large joint called the sacroiliac joint, which is a joint that is in the low back towards the buttocks and it is bilateral. The joint serves as a fusion between the iliac bone and the sacral bone. It is a common source of low back pain where the lumbar back is not involved. This is easily diagnosed mostly with clinical exam and also radiological studies and MRIs. Injections to this area are also guided with x-ray machine with a needle guided into the joint and providing cortisone and local anesthetic . A series of one to three injections will be usually very beneficial to diagnose and treat this pain.

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CONDITIONS CAN BE TREATED WITH PRP INJECTION Platelet­rich plasma​ (​PRP​) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets, P​RP​contains (and releases through degranulation ) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. When PRP is injected, it can aid the body’s natural healing of injuries. The goal is not only to relieve symptoms but to create actual healing. In some cases, PRP may reduce the need for medication and/or surgery. WHAT CONDITIONS CAN BE TREATED WITH PRP INJECTION? Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine Rotator Cuff Tears Chronic Plantar Fasciitis ACL Injuries Pelvic Pain and Instability Back and Neck Injuries Tennis Elbow Ankle Sprains Tendinitis

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A MEDIAL BRANCH BLOCK A medial branch block is a specific injection numbing with local anesthetic a branch of nerve that goes to a joint in the neck, mid back or low back and by numbing this branch of the nerve, significant pain relief is obtained. A further secondary injection can be done to provide long lasting numbing of that nerve ending to the joint; therefore, relieving the pain significantly.

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A LUMBAR SYMPATHETIC BLOCK A lumbar sympathetic block is an injection into a chain of nerves called sympathetic nerves that are occasionally causing severe burning-type pain in the arms or the legs and a series of blocks will alleviate this severe pain and also is used for diagnostic purposes.

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AN INTRATHECAL MORPHINE PUMP IMPLANT Implantation of intrathecal morphine pump implies an implantation of device that contains medications like morphine at high concentrations that are delivered through a catheter into the spinal canal at very small dosages and are very effective to block any kind of pain usually in the low back. This device is usually implanted or chosen for patients that are either too sick to have any major surgery for the back or have had two or three surgeries of the back and despite this still have severe chronic pain. Application of this pump will be able to take the patient off all medications by mouth or transdermals like narcotics and provide significant pain relief without sedation to the patient.

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