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Data Science helps companies grow their business much faster with its actionable data insights. Data Science has been part of almost every industry and it's prominence is growing enormously. With a focus to create expert data scientists, IQ online provides a Data Science online training course at your flexible hours.


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What is Data Science?:

What is Data Science? To speak literally, Data Science is a process of extracting knowledge from data, which is present in various forms by the use of certain scientific methods, algorithms and process. Then data is then analyzed and processed to make actionable insights. With the tremendous increase in data, the prominence of data science is increasing so as the data scientist.

Average salary of a Data Science consultant:

Average salary of a Data Science consultant According to Payscale , an entry-level data scientist in USA has an average salary of $ 87,629 per year .

Who can learn Data Science?:

Who can learn Data Science? Students with mathematics and statics disciplines as their specialized subject in graduation and post-graduation, people with interest in data collection and analysis, who do coding but also interest in statistics etc. can think it as a career option. Moreover, people with a strong desire and want to pursue a lucrative job can also go for it.

What is the need to learning Data Science Online Training Course?:

What is the need to learning Data Science Online Training Course? Data Science helps people make better decisions with its analysis and actionable insights. With large chunks of data around the world like employee data, financial data, and population, data etc. and still increasing, there is a need of data scientist in almost every field. Good data science training will make you ready to implement practically in almost any industry. With a focus to give you an in-depth knowledge on data science, we make you ready to kick-start your career with our data science online training .

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Key features of learning Data Science at IQ Online Training Features : Initial Demo session to have a good interaction with the trainer and to know more about the course and mode of instruction Access to the environment with dedicated usage for practice Flexible timings to synchronize perfectly with your current work or study schedule Choice of weekday and weekend batches in normal and fast track modes with a limited number of students in a single batch or a complete one to one session. You will have the privilege to record the sessions of your training for any future reference and we provide them as well. We train you beyond just knowledge

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