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Many big data technologies which deal primarily with advanced analytics, data mining, machine learning applications etc., has Hadoop as the center. Big Data Hadoop online training course at IQ Online.


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Big Data Hadoop:

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What is Hadoop?:

What is Hadoop? Hadoop which is formerly known as Apache Hadoop is a completely open source distributed framework which manages huge amounts of data processing and storage for the big data applications which run in clustered systems. Hadoop handles structured and unstructured data giving more flexibility for the users than relational databases and data warehouses in collecting and analyzing data.

What is Big Data?:

What is Big Data ? Big Data is a term coined to describe enormous or huge chunks of both structured and unstructured data which even traditional data-processing applications cannot handle efficiently. In many businesses, Big Data can be used to analyze the insights of the data that would eventually help in making better decisions and strategic business moves.

Difference between Big Data and Hadoop:

Difference between Big Data and Hadoop As said “ BIG DATA ” is a collection of huge volumes of data. Since, it cannot be processed by traditional methods because most part of it is unstructured; Hadoop has evolved as a solution to this problem . Big Data and Hadoop are not comparable, since one has a problem and other evolved as a solution .

Some Real-time Industry Applications of Hadoop:

Some Real-time Industry Applications of Hadoop Improving business performance by analyzing customer data in real time. Used in social media to manage posts, images, videos, and content Managing traffic on roads. Archiving Emails. Hadoop Computing Cluster is used to Process Rat Brain Neuronal Signals . Fraud detection. Used in some Public sector fields such as intelligence, defense, cyber security and scientific research. In the Financial industries to identify fraud patterns, reduce risk, precisely target market campaigns, customer satisfaction etc. Many Advertisements Targeting Platforms are using Hadoop in ways such as identify and analyze clickstream, video and social media data.

Why Choose IQ Online Training? :

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