4 Best Android Apps for Women Safety


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4 Best Android Apps for Women Safety:

4 Best Android Apps for Women Safety Created by Elizabeth M. Gaston www.androidrootguide.com


Introduction Women’s safety is presently very important issues on these days. Murder, kidnapping, rapping and women harassment are rising so much on these days. Not only women, but also the children, handicapped and senior citizens are attacked on the street, at home or at work. By installing these apps on your smartphones, you will be able to get safe from those incidents. This apps will send to alert your family or friends by sending SMS or by email.

With U( Women safety):

With U( Women safety) Are you in danger? Press on the SOS button in this app and it will send a SMS to your contacts with your current location. It also has alarm facility with flashing lights. This app also save up the four contacts from your phone manually and provides the facility to send messages to that emerging contacts.

Women safety secured:

Women safety secured When you were attacked, your phone is the first one to be seize suddenly. This app has the amazing sound activation feature apart from the normal feature. You have to train your phone to recognize your voice, volume and pitch and it automatically change to emergency mode and send out the alert.

Women’s Safety App:

Women’s Safety App It is one of the best apps for women safety. It uses the different types of alert techniques. You can use this app as a widget tap on your desktop. You just simply shake the phone to send out the alert. It can send a web link to your location based contacts through SMS. If you not able to install this app on your devices, you just do android rooting on your mobiles.

Alerter /Prevent crime:

Alerter /Prevent crime Pressing the power button for few times to send out the alert. The unique features about this app that is to send out SMS and GPS alerts on every 1-5 minutes. Moreover, the camera will secretly capture images and save it on your memory cards. That helps to file a compliant against the culprits.


Conclusion These are the 4 best apps for women that you should immediately install on your smartphones. It helps you to prevent from unexpected harassments. Source from: www.androidrootguide.com

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