What If Reckon Is Unable To Send Email To Your Account

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What If Reckon Is Unable To Send Email To Your Account? Reckon is the accounting software which is primarily used for billing or invoice and to send them to the client Reckon should support email account. If you having an error while sending the invoice to the client go through the steps and find the solution to fix the online bug. When you send an invoice to the client Reckon said “unable to send your email to Outlook. Close Outlook Windows and try again. Well, this error can be caused by several failures. The two main cause is; might you had entered the incorrect preferences or you select a damage MAPI32.dll.file. To fix this issue we commend you to perform several solutions to rectify the problem. Following Steps will help you to resolve the error, kindly pursue the steps as mentioned- Method 1: Make sure you enter the correct credentials of the email account Launch your Reckon accounting software. Choose edit, click to preferences and hit to send forms. Select the My Preferences tab and send email using to the option that you want to use and press ok. Close the accounting software and restart your Windows. Restart your accounting software and email the report or transaction. If you still receive that same message try another method.

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Method 2: make sure your email preference is set accurately in the web browser. Close the accounting software and open the web browser. Navigate to the Tools and select Internet Options. Tap on the Programs button and ensure you have entered the correct preference. If you are trying to send email using Outlook, ensure Outlook is selected, mark the correct option, then press the Apply button and then OK. Close the web browser and access your accounting software. Try to send email, if you still receive the email you can follow another method. Method 3: Fine-tune the email settings. Open your Reckon accounting software and choose the edit tab, select preferences and hit to send a form. Hit the My Preferences tab and select your accounting software email and press OK. Again select edit tab and then Preferences. Then select Outlook and press OK. Email your client to check whether the email is successfully sent.

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If you were still unable to send email to your client or customer check your product expiration date and renew your product. Buy Reckon Accounts Premier for the better and accounting experience. renew Original Source

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