Industrial Relations

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UNIT - 5:



CONCEPT The term “Industrial Relations(IR)” commonly denotes employee-employer relations in both organised & unorganised sectors of the economy.


Definitions “IR refers to the relationship between management and employees or employees & their organization, which arise out of employment” - Dale Yoder It is the study of human behaviour in the workplace, focussing especially on the influence such relations have on an organizations productivity - Britannica Encyclopedia

Participants in IR:

Participants in IR

Evolution of IR in India:

Evolution of IR in India IR is concerned with the relationships between management & workers and the role of regulatory mechanism in resolving any industrial dispute. The relations b/w workers & management have undergone many changes in our country.


Evolution Kings Zamindars East India Co. Enlighted Leaders Formation of Unions Trade Union Act Industrial Dispute act Unions Formation Establishment Of IR

Growth of IR:

Growth of IR The growth of modern industrial relations in India can be made in 3 distinct phases. 1 st phase:- Commenced from middle of 19 th century to end of 1 st world war. Formation of AITUC in 1920 is the significant event in this phase. 2 nd phase :-comprises the period thereafter till the attainment of independence(1947)

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Formation of Workmen's Compensation act(1923), Trade Union act(1926) & Trade Dispute Act(1947) are the significant events in this phase. 3 rd phase :- It represents the post independence era. Min wages act, factories act & ESI act

Main Objectives of IR:

Main Objectives of IR To avoid industrial conflicts To raise productivity to a higher level Improvements in the economic conditions of workers.

Factors influencing IR in India:

Factors influencing IR in India Good IR’s depend on a great variety of factors. Some of the factors are History of IR Economic satisfaction of the workers Social & psychological satisfaction Off the job conditions Enlighted trade unions

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Negotiating skills & attitudes of management & workers Public policy & legislation Better education (expectations has been increased with education) Nature of industry

Importance of IR:

Importance of IR Good industrial relations help in the following:- Uninterrupted production Reduction of industrial disputes High morale Mental revolution New programmes - evolution Wastage reduction

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Thus it is an evidence that good Industrial relations is the basis of higher production with minimum cost & higher profits. It also results in increased efficiency of workers.



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