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Welcome to 2019 … CONTENTS Term One Issue 01 February 2019 “The faithful love of the LORD never ends His mercies never cease.” Lamentations 3 vs 22 A warm welcome to our parents staff and students and a special hearty welcome to all our new families in 2019. We are pleased that you have made HeronBridge College your first choice education provider for your children. Our School’s vision clearly articulates the transformation that we hope to see in every student who enters the gates of HeronBridge College. At HeronBridge College we believe that all children are gifted and talented by God in different areas but still need to learn life skills. We aim to educate children in such a way so as to achieve their personal best while allowing them to honourably face the challenges that life places in their path thereby glorifying God. While each child is developed academically other aspects of their being such as the social emotional and spiritual are nurtured with equal fervour resulting in well-rounded pupils. This is evident in a number of our alumni who continue to excellence in their chosen fields post HeronBridge. The first edition of the Heron in 2019 highlights the different facets of our school namely outstanding Grade 12 results for 2018 a special welcome to all our new students especially in Grade 1 and Grade 8 We feature both the Preparatory and High school Inter- House Galas. Happy reading. May God bless you and your family abundantly in 2019. Marketing team Matric Results 2018 pg 2 Pre-Prep First Week pg 6 Prep First Week pg 7 High School First Week pg 8 Inter-House Galas pg 9 Simon Says ... pg 11 Open Day Scholarship Grade 8 2020 Information pg 12 Lesedi Volunteers pg 13

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Ashley Kreft Daniel Copeland Jessica Rowe 8 • 100 pass rate • 100 access to tertiary studies • 96 university exemptions • 88 students • 158 subject distinctions • Average for all students across all subjects 70 • 16 students A aggregate • 25 students B aggregate 8 Distinctions - average 937 Accounting Afrikaans English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Physical Science AP Mathematics Top 1 of IEB candidates for Accounting Afrikaans Life Orientation Life Science Physical Science 8 Distinctions - average 916 Afrikaans English History Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Physical Science AP Mathematics Top 1 of IEB candidates for History Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics 8 Distinctions - average 904 Afrikaans English History Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Physical Science AP Mathematics Top 1 of IEB candidates for History Mathematics We celebrate our Matric Class of 2018 Congratulations to Ashley Daniel and Jessica who received an IEB Outstanding Commendable Achievement placing them in the top 5 of all learners in 6 or more subjects and in the top 60 of all students countrywide. No school had more students than HeronBridge in the top 60 and we are one of only five schools in the entire country to have three students receiving this award. 8 8

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Matthias Venayagamoorthy 6 Distinctions - average 864 English History Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Physical Science 6 Dylan White Shasta Swan Beverly Coutts Deyna Barnard 6 7 6 7 6 Distinctions - average 863 English Geography Information Technology Life Orientation Mathematics AP Mathematics 7 Distinctions - average 861 Afrikaans English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Physical Science Art 6 Distinctions - average 847 Afrikaans English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Art 7 Distinctions - average 840 Afrikaans Drama English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Art 5 5 4 5 Tamlyn de Beer 5 Distinctions - average 839 Afrikaans English History Life Orientation Mathematics Top 1 of IEB candidates for Afrikaans Brandon Simpson David Walker Thomas de Villiers 5 Distinctions - average 837 Engineering Graphic Design English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics 4 Distinctions - average 829 Afrikaans English Information Technology Life Orientation Top 1 of IEB candidates for English 5 Distinctions - average 825 Afrikaans English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Abbey Houghton 6 Distinctions - average 823 Afrikaans English Geography Life Orientation Life Sciences Mathematics 6 Caela Kleynhans Luke van Greuning Ryan Richardson 6 4 6 Distinctions - average 813 Afrikaans English Life Orientation Life Science Mathematics Art 4 Distinctions - average 810 Afrikaans Geography Life Orientation Mathematical Literacy 4 Distinctions - average 804 Afrikaans Engineering Graphic Design Life Orientation Mathematics 4

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James Smith 4 Distinctions 4 Michaela Jackson 4 Distinctions Alexa de Greef 3 Distinctions Lisa Rotter 3 Distinctions 4 3 3 Mark Jennings 3 Distinctions 3 Devon Holland Top 1 of IEB candidates for Mathematics Literacy 5 3 Catherine Davies 3 Distinctions 3 Caitlin Steytler 3 Distinctions 3 These outstanding results are particularly significant to us for several reasons: • We make every effort to enrol every student who wishes to be at our school. • It is our desire to assist every child to achieve to his/her greatest potential and as a result our pass rate across all grades is in excess of 98. • We believe that each and every student has what it takes to pass at matric level and we encourage our students to persevere including those that may find academic rigour challenging. • Our overarching goal is to provide an all-round educational experience comprising sport culturals outreach and academics to every student who joins our community. God has given the HBC class of 2018 wonderful gifts. We are grateful to Him for His hand on this group of young people as they have seen school to completion. All glory to God for these magnificent results It is our prayer that our 2018 matriculants will use what they have been given to become significant and responsible adults impacting the lives of those less fortunate than themselves and honouring the Lord in all that they do. We wish them well and hope that they will now go out and ‘do’ life with Heart. Keith Wilke College Head

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Juliet Burch Daniel Copeland Jarred David Tatum Evans Avela Mbuyazi Jessica Rowe Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 5 DUX SCHOLAR CANIS MAJORIS Ashley Kreft

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PRE-PREP Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 6 We have had a happy start to the new year which is evident in the lovely pictures taken of your children and we look forward to a year of learning through play. When defining what constitutes a Pre-Preparatory curriculum I would like to believe that it is everything that happens in a day. “Curriculum happens when the child meets materials” Gordon and Browne. It is very different from a curriculum for older children as it is more concrete integrated interrelated and comprehensive. Young children are unique and need adults to care for them and teach them in ways that enhance all areas of their development i.e. social emotional physical cognitive and spiritual. It also recognises the vast amount of development that occurs in the early years of a child’s life and hence the need to explore experience and discover different things in their immediate environment. We are so privileged to be involved in this journey with your children whether it be at a Grade 0000 level or Grade R. We look forward to a fun-filled year where we strive to develop each child to their full potential. HappyChildren HappyParents Learning

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PREP Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 7 The Prep have had a happy and busy start to the new year. We welcome all our Grade 1s at the special Blue Heart Assembly. We can recognise many of our favourite teams by a logo at HeronBridge we strive to Educate with Heart As we welcome the new Grade 1’s into our Prep school each child is given a Blue Heart. This heart serves as a reminder that they are HeronBridge kids and that whatever they do they strive to make God proud. The Grade 4s began 2019 with a bang as they participated in a team building orientation morning. Fun in the sun set the tone for the interactive and engaging year ahead.

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HIGH SCHOOL Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 8 There was lots of excitement as the Grade 8’s of 2019 enjoyed their Orientation Programme at the High School over the first few days of school ending off with a lovely pool party. We have a tradition that was started by the Grade 12 class of 2006 every Grade 8 that enters HeronBridge College has the unique opportunity to ring the bell to signal the beginning of their high school chapter. In their final year at their Valediction ceremony each child once again rings the bell to signal the end of their HBC chapter.

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Prep INTER-HOUSE GALA Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 9 On Monday 28 January a wonderful morning was spent celebratng with the talented children who swam with all their heart The Spirit trophy was awarded to: Turaco The winner was: Weaver Top Left: Turaco - Spirit Trophy Bottom Left: Weaver - Winner Danni Nogueria Junior Victrix Ludorum Callan Lotter Senior Victrix Ludorum Travis Donnelly Senior Victor Ludorum and Jamie Holroyd. Junior Victor Ludorum.

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INTER-HOUSE GALA Term One Issue 01 February 2019 Page 10 On Wednesday 23 January a fun flled and excitng morning was spent at the High School Inter -House Gala. The Partcipaton Award was awarded to: Barbet The Spirit Award was awarded to: Starling The winner was: Weaver Gabriella Edwards Junior Victrix Ludorum Enzo Nogueira Junior Victor Ludorum Alexa van Thiel Senior Victrix Ludorum Luke Hanlon and Aiden Griffith Senior Victor Ludorum. High School

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Stained-glass Window In mid-January we welcomed into our College heart 118 Grade 8 boys and girls as well as 21 new pupils in the other grades. Each one is a precious son or precious daughter. Each one possibly a cousin maybe a niece or nephew probably a sister or brother. Each one a priceless indi- vidual never seen before and never to be repeated. And each one will make a unique and invaluable con- tribution to the constantly evolving tapestry of our school. Samuel Taylor Coleridge the English poet had a theo- ry that we see life through a metaphorical stained- glass window. Each experience that we have adds an- other piece of coloured glass into that window. And so you and I could conceivably look at the same thing and because our “window” is different we would see the same thing differently. And so as these young men and women join Heron- Bridge College we need to be prepared and under- stand that they won’t necessarily see things the same way that anyone else will. This begs the question how do you run a school where precedent is by definition illogical We know that we are dealing with a school filled with different people. Each one is unique and therefore our response to each individual needs to consider the specific needs of the individual and it therefore needs to be appropriate. It’s quite daunting and it is very different from my own school days where my individuality wasn’t seen as be- ing all that important to others. I just had to confirm and get in line and be exactly the same as everyone else. As an adult if my employer wants the best from me I will do far than is expected from me if I feel valued as the unique individual I am rather than just being seen as a cog in the machine. Why would it be any different for the younger adults within our care Watching Manchester United under the smiling Ole Gunnar Solskjaer produce very different results to those of perennially grumpy Mourinho makes me think the days of the exacting and feared boss are way in the past. To me it feels like the players have been set free. And they are playing all the better for it. Football management might be under the whitewater of change as the civility of Gareth Southgate produced the best English World Cup performance for nearly three decades and I do believe that the manners on display from the manager filtered down into a team who were media friendly and evidently well-behaved during the tournament too. Consider the warmth generated by Jürgen Klopp to- wards his Liverpool players. It is more akin to a father/ son relationship than that of a business manag- er. Watch how Klopp embraces his players at the end of a match. It’s as if he has a paternal role. And they top the Premiership at the minute. Coincidence Possibly but maybe not. Education has changed too and what we might be seeing on the international football arena has been in play in good schools for some time now. What we are seeing on the global stage is already being embraced in modern educational practice. Maybe I am wrong. I’ve been wrong many times be- fore and I will fall short in the future too. But perhaps this focus on wellness and the genuine care for others is just what we all need in our schools and in our country and dare I say it in our world too. I am proud to work in a school community that cares for the heart of the parents staff and pupils. For me that is the only and the best way forward. Simon Crane is Deputy Head in the High School. Look out for his articles which will be published twice a month

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Applicatons are now open to current Grade 7 students who would like to apply for a Scholarship for Grade 8 in 2020. A brochure has been sent home with every HeronBridge Grade 7 child. To make the process as user friendly as possible there is an online Scholarship Applicaton Form: htp://

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