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Chaparral Biome:

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The Chaparral Biome:

The Chaparral Biome Chaparral is a shrub land or heathland plant community. Chaparral is shaped by mild wet winters and hot dry summers. Chaparral covers 5% of the state of California and can also be found in the northern portion of the Baja California peninsula, Mexico.


Chaparral This is a example of Chaparral Santa Ynez Mountains, near Santa Barbara, California. Chaparral is not only flat land, it can be mountains to. As you can see in this picture, it is all shrubs and no big forest trees are visible even though a Chaparral Biome can have trees such as a Blue Oak tree.

Chaparral Climate:

Chaparral Climate In the winter the Chaparral climate, also known as the Mediterranean climate, is mild and moist, but not rainy. During the summer it is very hot and dry, there are many fires in the chaparral because of the heat and dryness. The temperature is usually mild but it can get very hot. This biome only gets about 10-17 inches of rain all year, and most of it comes in the winter. Because of the long period of dryness in the summer, only plants with hard leaves can survive, such as scrub oaks, shrubs, pines, cork and olive trees. Many leaves are also hairy so they can collect the moisture out of the air and use it.

Chaparral During the Summer:

Chaparral During the Summer As you can tell from looking at this picture of Chaparral during the summer time, the weather looks very hot and dry.

Plants in the Chaparral Biome:

Plants in the Chaparral Biome Blue Oak Coyote Brush Common Sagebrush Fairy Duster French Broom King Protea Lebanon Cedar Mazanita Mountain Mahogany Saltmarsh Bird’s Beak Blue Oak Fairy Duster

Animals in the Chaparral Biome:

Animals in the Chaparral Biome Aardwolf Black-tailed Jackrabbit Cactus Wren Golden Jackal Grey Fox Island Grey Fox Puma San Joachin Kit Fox Spotted Skunk Wild Goat Golden Jackal Spotted Skunk Wild Goat

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