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Building Blocks Ministry:

Melissa Hatcher Chanelle Maxwell Fall 2011 EEX4070 Building Blocks Ministry

Introduction to the Host Setting:

Introduction to the Host Setting Building Blocks Ministry 835 7th Street, Bldg. B Suites 1 & 2 Clermont, Florida 34711


We started volunteering at Building Blocks Ministry on October 10, 2011 t o fully see how the operations were run in this building. The ministry offered a wide variety of challenges for students to work towards. HOW DID WE GET STARTED? Sandy Castor Case Manager/Instructor

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities Building Blocks Ministry’s goal is to make sure that each clients is challenged to allow them to break the wall that they have built up. With that said, to support that theory it is necessary to have a variety of activities.

Participant Demographics:

Age Ranges: 18-63 The students that are enrolled at Building Blocks Ministry lack the skills to independently live in society. The I.D.E.A. Act is designed to meet the unique learning needs of eligible children with disabilities. The program maximum capacity was 28 students. They are currently looking for a new building to better suit the students. Participant Demographics

Service in Action:

Service in Action

Service in Action:

Service in Action

Perceptions of Differences:

We were able to temporally tap into these wonderful individuals lives and experience the challenges and joys. Perceptions of Differences

Connections to Your Course:

We completed the Teachers in Action Project for course EEX4070. Course topics we better understand: Accommodations Inclusion Strategies for interventions Connections to Your Course

Civic Engagement:

Our experience of volunteering has made us realize the purpose in life, which is to use our talents to give back. Service learning is a in itself a method of learning because not only do you learn something about the individuals that you are giving you services to, but you also learn things about yourself. This experience has motivated us to be more engaged in the future. We would encourage teachers and students and also friends to embrace service learning because it will change your life forever. Civic Engagement

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

People should work together toward greater understanding, empathy, and opportunities for persons with disabilities by going out in their communities and searching for an organization that is in need of selfless hands Teachers play a huge role in molding the society we have today "Community service is helping people, but also gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human compassion. “ Final Thoughts & Reflections

Building blocks ministry:

Building blocks ministry “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” - Khalil Gibran

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