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Presentation Description - "SALES OFFICE CRM(CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT)" Online Training contact or +919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa. Business Relations and Workflow of Sales Force Setup and administration of business relations Processes of the sales force Using the workbook and managing activities Quotations, Sales Targets, and Statistics Quotation process in the customer relationship management (CRM) module Sales units and sales targets Perspectives, categories, and views that can be displayed in the sales management statistics Managing Marketing Campaigns, Telemarketing, and Mailings How marketing campaigns are defined, set up, and activities connected How financials can be viewed for campaigns allowing for a follow-up How targets are identified and how they can be approached by means of the Internet, mail, or telephone Process of registration of responses from the targets Features for targeting contact persons How the call and mailing lists are created and distributed among the sales force


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Customer Relationship Management:

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Introduction :

Introduction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the term given to the concepts that a company employs to manage its relationship with their customer. Customer Relationship Management

CRM Architecture:

CRM Architecture

CRM Middleware overview:

CRM Middleware overview CRM manages the delivery of configurable business object data from senders to multiple receivers. Major Business benefits: Open architecture Efficient data distribution Built-in integration Role-based authorization concepts for administrators and developers. Sophisticated Error handling and Message tracking mechanisms. mySAP CRM Solution Landscapes: mySAP CRM without and SAP R/3 back-end systems. mySAP CRM with SAP R/3 and non-SAP back-end systems. mySAP CRM without Mobile Sales Scenarios. mySAP CRM with or without SAP BW Integration.

Components of CRM Middleware:

Components of CRM Middleware CRM Middleware: Core component of CRM Server serves as a message router. Consists of Flow control mechanisms and various adapters. R/3 Plug-in: Enables exchange of data between an SAP R/3 system and the mySAP solutions. Communication Station: Provides secure communication between the CRM Server and the Mobile Clients. Converts COM+ calls from the mobile clients to queued RFC calls to CRM Server. Connection Handler: Takes care of sending and receiving data from the CRM Server.

Data Exchange - Overview:

Data Exchange - Overview CRM Middleware controls the flow of messages centrally in the CRM Server. Converts and passes data on to the recipients using Replication rules. Distributed to Sites in Asynchronous mode to ensure data integrity and consistency. Typical connected Sites are : SAP R/3 back-end systems. SAP BW Non-SAP Systems Mobile client laptop computers

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