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3G Wireless Presentation:

3G Wireless Presentation CH.BHANU UDAY

3G wireless:

3G wireless The next step in mobile communications Define 3G wireless Where implementation is at Constraints to Global implementation Who benefits What are the benefits

Current Products :

Current Products

3G wireless timeline:

3G wireless timeline September 1998: Call in DoCoMo's trial network October 1, 2001: NTT DoCoMo launched commercial WCDMA 3G mobile network. November 1, 2001: Live 3G EDGE call. December 1, 2001: Commercial UMTS network(Norway). No UMTS terminals December 19, 2001: International UMTS 3GPP roaming calls. Madrid - Tokyo. January 28, 2002: Commercial CDMA2000 1xEV-DO. February 8, 2002: End-to-end 3G WCDMA 3GPP packet data calls February 18, 2002: GSM/GPRS and 3G/UMTS product. February 20, 2002: Rich call in an end-to-end All-IP September 24, 2002: Dual mode WCDMA/GSM calls with seamless handover between the two modes and high data rate in live networks September 25, 2002: "Europe's First UMTS-Network" September 26, 2002: Nokia [6650] for WCDMA [UMTS] and GSM networks". October 1, 2002: Bluetooth WCDMA (UMTS) and GSM Voice Calls. October 3, 2002: VoIP call completed in a 3GPP release 4 compliant network. October 10, 2002: UMTS voice and data calls demonstrating mobility across commercial cell sites using live 1900 MHz radio spectrum ,

Reasons for delay:

Reasons for delay Regulations Developing Technology Financial Considerations

3G Technology: -UMTS (W-CDMA,TD-CDMA) & CDMA 2000:

3G Technology: - UMTS (W-CDMA,TD-CDMA) & CDMA 2000 UMTS- Europe, Japan, China CDMA2000 – US, Korea

Spectrum cost :

Spectrum cost Limited spectrum Major carriers have to pay the $16 billion for getting the license from government auction of spectrum licenses. the prices some companies paid for licensing are affecting their ability to invest in 3G infrastructure.

The existing networks are determining what path the carriers are choosing to get to 3G. :

The existing networks are determining what path the carriers are choosing to get to 3G. · North American wireless carriers Carrier Path to 3G Wireless subscribers (voice & data) Sprint PCS CDMA 2000 90 million Verizon Wireless CDMA 2000 26 million Cingular WCDMA 19 million AT&T Wireless UMTS & WCDMA 12 million VoiceStream WCDMA 3 million

Expensive devices and service to consumers:

Expensive devices and service to consumers In addition to 3G's already expensive tag, the end user devices to be used in conjunction with the next generation of wireless infrastructure are also expected to be expensive. It's estimated that 3G-enabled handsets will cost $300, in addition to monthly service fees that could be as high as $90.

Handsets price:

Handsets price

Current wireless users :

Current wireless users

Better ways of using 3G internet:

Better ways of using 3G internet

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