Attaining the Good in Life Through Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra


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Attaining the Good in Life Through Tantra Mantra and Yantra Mentioned in Bhagavad Gita Tantra Mantra and Yantra are the three basic approaches for humans to harness the power of God and utilize it to perform their duties on earth. These three are essentially meant to be employed in life with relation to Karma/ action Jnana/knowledge and Sanyasa/renunciation. When put to good use for constructive purposes these can help achieve prosperity peace and liberation but if used wrongly they could lead to the end of the world. Tantra Tantra or technique/totem refers to the systematic use of the body and its parts for the attainment of self-realization or self-transformation. The perceptual mind and the body constituting the lower self are actually considered as hurdles in the path of liberation since they indulge the being into worldly pleasures and desire-ridden actions. All kinds of healing techniques fall under Tantra skills. Mantra Mantra refers to the method of invoking the divine power for any purpose positive or negative using the power of the mind. Every mantra is actually a set of sacred sounds or syllables and is mainly used in Vedic rituals for invoking one or more deities. Mantras are

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either set to a specific meter or are prose. In case of Vedic mantras the emphasis is more on the sound rather than the words. When uttered with the right intention and devotion the power of the mantra awakens and carries the prayer to the deity intended making it heard. Yantra Yantra refers to forms names patterns diagrams and sounds with the five powers of God – to create conceal uphold manifest and destroy. Acting as temporary energy centers Yantra radiates spiritual energy and can be used to enhance or destroy the will power. Chamunda Swamiji is a spiritual healer well-recognized for using the combined powers of tantra mantra and yantra for spiritual healing. After carefully going through a case Chamunda Swami Ji provides feedback to the individual and guides him/her on to the right path. Address Chamunda Swami Ji Healing Centre 47 W Nicholai Street Hicksville NY-11801 Phone: +1-516-933-7590

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