Personalised Champagne Sabre | A Gift That has Sentimental Value


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You can go for a personalised champagne sabre or sword if you are looking for a champagne wedding gift that posses sentimental value. Visit:


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Champagne Sabre Personalised gift for champagne lovers w w w . c h a m p a g n e s a b r e s . c o . u k

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Why Champagne Sword As on the special occasion of your best buddy wedding you must be thinking to gift something unique and special which possess a sentimental value as well as become memorable. Nothing can beat personalized champagne sabre to gift it as it possed a personal touch. Personal Touch We can add a personal touch to this champagne wedding gift by engraving the text of your choice. You can add a little bit off message the date of his wedding or your motto. Delivery If you will add the laser engraving it will not affect the delivery time as well as overall condition and quality of the blade. The text will make the champagne sabre a priceless gift.

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Page 08 This champagne sabre has a luxury look in itself. Its handle is made of authentic buffalo horn and its blade from soft steel and metal. Berkel Como Di Bufalo Fox Sciabola Del Sommelier Bronze This majestic piece of a champagne sword is an ideal choice to gift as it is surely going to impress both the bride and the groom. Best From Our Collection to Gift V I S I T U S A T w w w . c h a m p a g n e s a b r e s . c o . u k

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