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CUSTOMCHALLENGE-COINS.COM make high quality custom challenge coins for various departments like police, law enforcement,military, army, coast guard, firefighter,navy and all others.For more info call at 1-855-477-7826.


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PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation for: Robert D. Blackburn 8877 N. 107th Avenue Suite 302-134 Peoria, AZ 85345 (855) 477-7826 Fax: 602-247-7736

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We at  CUSTOMCHALLENGE-COINS  welcome you and let you know that we believe we have the best quality custom challenge coins, no matter what metal finish, size or type of coin you are looking for.  Premade  challenge coins  are pretty self explanatory. Premade  challenge coins  are designed and manufactured by an individual, group or company with the hope of finding a niche market to sell to and in turn make a profit or raise funds for their non-profit organization.

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I always smile when I think about  custom coins . I think about all the positive things that can be made better because someone decided to make a custom coin to celebrate the event or occasion. Custom coins  are a cost effective medium on which to convey your message. These coins can be used as business cards, fundraisers and the list goes one.

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The history of coins dates back in the eras where military departments would wear them to symbolize victory and accomplishment of special missions. People who had done exceptionally well would be recognized these coins. Departments would also be distinguished using them since a specific slogan or color would be used- for every department.  Today, these coins are used in almost every setting; whether military, NGOS, schools, corporate and even in the religious setting. Families can also buy them to mark those memorable moments and occasions in their life. You will have innumerable options when choosing custom challenge coins. Best printing companies can come up with incredible shapes, colors and graphics that will make the coins look amazing. They could also suggest memorable slogans and messages for you especially if you are not too sure of what to include in them. You can also choose many custom challenge coins materials; from metal, plastics, to paper.

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It is not difficult to find a custom challenge coins designer. Click on to the internet and you will find hundred results of the websites that specialize in this venture. You will also be happy to find ideas on how to come up with coins that are way out of this world. You could also ask your friends to recommend some of the best designers in your area.

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Custom challenge coins have been used for a long time for noble purposes. Different companies and people use them for reasons such as motivation, awarding people who have performed well, remembering certain occasions and to mark attendance among others. It is important for Individuals to print the coins from reputable dealers who can offer amazing designs at an affordable rate. There are several reasons why companies print custom challenge coins. These are: * As an indication of an individuals membership in a given company * As a form of reward for people who have in a certain department * To mark attendance of individuals during certain occasions * To symbolize courage and bravery a midst challenging circumstances * To motivate people to work harder in their departments

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