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Custom Challenge Coins specialize in military coins, challenge coins, public coins and business coins in Arizona-Peoria, USA. Contact us for coin pricing.


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Custom challenge coins have been used for a long time for noble purposes. Different companies and people use them for reasons such as motivation, awarding people who have performed well, remembering certain occasions and to mark attendance among others. It is important for Individuals to print the coins from reputable dealers who can offer amazing designs at an affordable rate.

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Custom Challenge coins first came into existence during the second world war by the Air Service of US Army. These coins were meant to signify solidarity. Today, challenge coins are said to be the best option to honor great personalities for their outstanding achievements.

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There are several reasons why companies print custom challenge coins. These are:  As an indication of an individuals membership in a given company  As a form of reward for people who have in a certain department  To mark attendance of individuals during certain occasions  To symbolize courage and bravery a midst challenging circumstances  To motivate people to work harder in their departments Most times, a company will request a vendor to print a logo and a slogan on the coin. A mission statement is also included, to indicate why an individual has been issued with the coin.

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My name is Robert Blackburn and I am a United States Navy veteran. I served aboard the USS Wasp LHD-1 home ported in Norfolk Virginia. The active duty portion of my enlistment began February 1, 1993 and concluded on January 31, 1997. The inactive duty portion of my enlistment concluded January 13, 2001.

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