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Do you want make website for your business? Chalk n Cheese have 10+ years of experience web/website development. Website builder Today call us at 0800 224 225


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Website development Auckland Fuel your online business with powerful tools How much is your website is the primary driver of sales in your online business Are you converting leads Is it getting high enough to boost traffic All your question leads to one particular source called website development Auckland that can help you become a pioneer of sales with its unique custom web design and web development solutions. Creating Building and connecting with integrated experiences Website development Auckland overview: Having professional marketing tools are simply not enough when you are aiming for higher competition. You need to make sure all your visitors who are browsing your website online get complete functionality navigation and user experience. Are you ready to take the next step for your business Are you tired of using the templated website and need something that can actually look elegant and perform well online Website builder Auckland is a digital website agency that specializes in making custom website designs powerful E-commerce and advanced customer experience adventures unlike anything youve seen before.

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Whether you have small or big business projects you can count on a team that thrives on success and create elegant custom designs state of the art management system with search engine knowledge to improve your business and generate impressive results. Web development is a way of making people aware of your products and services. So why not do it by not going to old school tactics and rely on innovative and latest ongoing technology and digital tools. In todays business environment to beat other competitors from small to large companies you need to develop a great website. What does this mean for you We all know that most business owners use the excuse that their business is just word of mouth and do not need a website. But there is also a great way to reinforce personal communication with the customers. it through professional and engaging website development. Website development company Auckland can do your business to increase product knowledge sell your services or products maintain communication between you and your potential customers generate leads for business and increase the popularity of your brand and much more. What is website development in Auckland A website development also known as working and building a website. It can apply to anything from creating a single plain text webpage to develop a complex website or social network. Some web development tasks include server-side scripting client-side scripting network and server security configuration E-commerce development and CMS content management system development. Web development also needs a few basics to complete it that plays the most important role such as  Website files stored on servers  IP address internet protocol  HTTP hypertext transfer protocol  Coding includes special commands punctuations abbreviations language  Front-end  Backend  CMS content management system

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Website development services: If you are a business owner and want to build a website then you need website development Auckland that can pitch a vision and guide you to understanding the basics of web development in this technology drive world. A best website development company can enhance your vision for better flexibility and use custom features of a website for your audience. They are a highly qualified team of web developers that can take your ideas and present them on your web page. You need someone who has the right experience and dedication through his work and offers you full services with a strategy consultation service as well. Our web development company considered the best because we are a creatively rich and technically outstanding team of developers you will ever know. Having an impressive informative attractive and functional website is every businesss dream that exceeds expectations and meets your brands goals. Here are web development Auckland services that will give you a fine idea about what we do.  State of the art and creative web designing  Web development  Brand identity  Web and mobile applications

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 Web hosting  Social media marketing  Responsive mobile-based sites  Documentation  Web and digital strategy  Custom product pages design  Fix website issues  Plugin and security updates  Fully customizes layouts  Newsletter integration  Slider graphics  Server maintenance  Website optimization Website builder development process: The process of building a website is not like a walk in a park. Each development phase takes time and is different based on the type of website resources and coding languages. Here are the following sections of the web development process that can deliver a successful website with more effectiveness. 1 Planning and creating a sitemap: Every website starts with a plan web developers research and discovers a wireframe or sitemap to help find SERPs crawl to your site. It is merely a vision for the site that will help both developers and you a direction to start. Just like a business plan give an investor insight into your goal and deliverables. A sitemap gives the developer an idea of what you are picturing and the information needed to meet their vision. 2 Writing website code: The next step of website builder Auckland is to write the code. Web developers will use various coding languages for both front-end and backend of your website. It also includes different functionalities of the site mostly interactivity to work together to create and run your site. Some commonly used coding languages that almost every website use is

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 HTML hypertext markup language  CSS cascading style sheets  JavaScript 3 Building the backend of the website: If there is one process of web development that is complicated is to write the code. You also need to build the backend of the sites structure and design. The backend handles data that enables the functionality on the front-end. As developing a website developers will accomplish three main things  Logic code  Database management  Infrastructure 4 Design: The time has come to determine the look of your website. Your target audience is one of the major factors you take into consideration. A site aimed for desired audience is important to incorporate elements like brands logos or colors to help strengthen your identity on a website. A web designer will create a prototype design mostly in JPG image and make the final decision one you have gone through the mock-ups of the site. 5 Content creation and management: After having the bigger picture of the site in mind you can start writing content for each page just make sure to keep in mind SEO to help pages get more focused on single topics. It is necessary that you have real contents to work with 6 Testing: After that you got all your pages ready with visual elements and defined how they display to the visitor. It is time to make sure all works combine manual browsing of the site on variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything works fine from broken links and user experience issues. 7 Launch: Once everything is working perfectly it is time to plan and execute the websites launch. This includes both timing and communication strategies.

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Types of website development Auckland: The team of website development Auckland specializes in making different types of web development that refers to the various sectors of professions. This particularly shows their talented is not congested but open to master multiple types of web development including Front-end development: Front-end developers work with customers or user-facing side of programs websites and software. They design and develop visual aspects from the navigation layouts graphics and other important aesthetics. The developers also work on user interface to for any size and shape of project. Backend development: Backend development focuses on the server-side of the website. The developers will work on the system like servers APIs operating systems and databases. They manage the code for content security and site structure. Desktop development: Desktop development is the area where developers specialize in creating software that works on the desktop like OS Windows Mac and more.

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Mobile development: Mobile development made to build mobile application that are live on mobile devices from tablets and smartphones. But they operate quite differently than website and software programs. It also requires special set of skills like website development company Auckland who possess it. Embedded development: Embedded development works with all hardware that is not a computer. It includes consumer devices electronic interfaces IoT devices real-time systems and much more. With the rise of IoT and connected devices this developer skill has also become very famous and in-demand right now. E-commerce development: If the website application is online store then its development is likely be called E-commerce sites. This type of application development process is quite complicated because of the electronic payments and other payment methods. The developers must create a management panel for the customer/administrator to use it for listing new products update them delete entries and manage applications as well. Web development Auckland price or cost: Whether your business works online or offline it is vital to build and maintain a website in todays digital world.

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If you are having thought about how much it would cost from designing and launching an average cost should be around 12000 to 130000 and it includes designing development and maintaining as well. Conclusion: Would you like to have your website built-in with automation marketing social mashups faster load speeds and custom website design Join Website development Auckland and save a better future for your business.

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