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Chakra are sacred energetic gateways that when balanced, restore health & wellness.Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit energy. For more information visit on :-


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Chakra Therapy: Restoring Your Chakras Having mind body and soul in balance is no easy accomplishment. Many of us want to find that tool to achieve this faultless divine balance through numerous means and aura chakra therapy one of the greatest means. The word ‘Chakra’ originates from a Sanskrit word referring to a wheel or a disc. Henceforth chakras are the wheels of energy rotary disks of cosmic energy that generate subtle wavelengths or frequencies to cause perfect congruence between the mind body and soul. Situated along the spine these chakras are responsible for different areas different tasks and different sentiments yet they have to work in balance with each other for greater physical mental and emotional well-being. Until each of these chakras is working at optimal level it can be slightly impossible to feel 100 healthy. Healing: When Chakras Need Balancing However frantic lifestyle and poor diet can frequently lead to imbalances. And that’s where healing therapies come into picture. While therapies with gemstones Rudraksha beads crystal colour and aroma and chanting mantras can rectify these inequities it is important to work at bring the chakra into line with the core level. Unless the root cause is acknowledged and retreated ongoing health and vitality are impossible to gain. Aura chakra therapy purifies the chakras as well as the aura. Aura is an energy identity in the form of a twirl of coloured mass. These colours and their brightness offer the healer a distinct picture of your psychological physical and emotional health. Benefits of Chakra Therapy: The aura chakra therapy offers dual benefits. The aura articulates what’s incorrect and where the problem is. Any conflicts in auras are certainly rectified and throw light on which chakras need healing. Once the healer works to heal the aura and unblocks chakras you feel invigorated and energized with garden-fresh endless energy. Aura therapy delivers swift relief though it is short term. For long term relief the aura chakra therapy working on the aura as well as chakras brings about positive effects.

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