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Thorsignia - A Short Lesson on Content Marketing. Why content marketing is at the heart of online marketing and SEO::: What is content marketing What do you understand by it For a lot of people anything remotely related to a task carried over a digital platform invokes just one word - online. It is true. I wont contest it but it is also restrictive and incomplete. People are sharing and selling content galore online. You log in to any social media - Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube WhatsApp and you will be bombarded with news articles views videos pictures this is all content. There is a lot of furore around the legitimacy of the information shared i.e. fake news. It is a horse of a different color and I will talk about it in another blog. I wont beat around the bush anymore. I will try to break down the concept of content marketing.

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Content marketing is sharing information that is non-restrictive it does not aim at promoting an idea or a product. It is informative and educative. Let me disintegrate it more by giving some examples -

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1 IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh Our bawse girl needs no introduction. If you dont know her come out of the rock you are living under. She creates novel content for her YouTube channel. Her work is phenomenal and indescribably wonderful. I am not exaggerating. You will be bursting into peals of laughter. This is content marketing. 2 Instagram account instashivatribe This is my favorite. Author of the page propagates a plethora of stories related to the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Every post is informative and tells an anecdote about the mentioned god/goddess. The posts are uplifting and motivational too. Very few people know all the stories from the Hindu mythologies and great epics. It is impossible to read a multitude of them even market is teeming with books on the subject lets be honest. On this page you will read a chunk of paragraph that eloquently explains a tale. This is content marketing. 3 5-Minute Crafts Follow them on any platform and I promise you will be taken aback by their ingenious tricks. If you are already following them kudos Their simple DIYs are mind-boggling and cheap. A gamut of hacks and activities will teach you to create the best from the junk. This is content marketing. 4 TED Talks

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We all have watched a bazillion of them. All the speakers are mavens in their respective disciplines. Their topics are fascinating and their delivery is eloquent. You watch one video and you are hooked. You might also feel like an expert by the end of the day This is content marketing. I am certain by this point you have understood what I am trying to say. You might also be wittingly unwittingly following loads of wonderful stuff online. Why content marketing Is this discipline lucrative Why do people market content There is a whole bunch of reasons.  To get loyal customers people who visit a page/site regularly add value to a service/business. The number of people visiting is a testament to the services/businesss growth  To get new customers an increase in traffic is a good barometer to measure a services progress and reach  To create new updated content nobody wants to read prosaic content all the time especially if its banal and repetitive

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 To keep finger on the pulse it is important to assess the online space as other people might be posting the same stuff. It is advisable to read your competitors content. This will bring variety in what you put out Software development company-Thorsignia provides graphic designingdigital marketing content development and a battery of services. It has a team of industrious and discerning designers and developers that provide you the best in the nick of time. If you want to create an indelible portfolio of your business/company give this e-commerce company a shot. They wont disappoint you.

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