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The two story~~:

By Chai The two story~~

Story number one The old witch and the men:

Story number one The old witch and the men Once pone a time there was an old witch, she eats people’s meat and she live in the woods at the scariest house. And every one who goes there they will be eaten by the witch! One time there is a man who went there and want to find out why those people are gone, then he found the scary house and knock on the door, then the door open’s, the witch came out. The witch asks: “Who are you?” Then the man said: “I came here because I need to find out why there are people lost in this wood?” Witch said: “There are no people lost here.” Then one sound came from the house and say: “help me, there is a witch who eat people and I have been here for five years, because she think I am so little and need to feed me then eat me. HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~.”Then the men in the house die. After that the men ran’s away. After he went back to his house and wait for his wife to come back and tell her, what he met and…

Story number two The wood cutter family chapter one:

Story number two The wood cutter family chapter one One day the wood cutter and his wife came to the woods, and cut the tree for sale. Then they went in the woods again, to cut more tree. Then he saw there was a white thing walking, he don’t know what it is so he ignore it, then the white thing call its name, Alex~~ then he was scared, so he run back to his house. Then the white thing followed him to his house, then that night there was a sound Alex~~~, wind blowing, lightning, and rain.

The scary night:

The scary night That night the wood cutter have a very bad night mare. The night mare is about the ghost that he saw yesterday, then he woke up, then he heard woo~~~~~ that sound, this time he said: “no don’t come, I will not cut too many tree this time, please let me go, I will give you want you want just leave me and my family alone. Please~~, don’t kill me~~~~~~

Next day:

Next day The next day the wood cutter went and cut tree again, then he remember the thing he saw yesterday, but he can’t trust it. Or maybe it is some children playing with him. Then he saw the white thing again, this time he said ok I will just cut one tree then

At last:

At last At last the wood cutter learned a lesson that not to waste tree. Not even one branch, after that lesson the wood cutter change a job, now his job is to work at school and work for the hospital! This lesson is that do not waste anything that have live. And this is the men!!!!!

When he is a teacher:

When he is a teacher When he is a teacher, he teach them math, reading, and LA. Now he is the best teacher at that school. Then one day there is a test, the test is for the newest teacher, so he was on the list. The test is about can you teach math, reading, and LA, and typing. He is good at math and typing, LA, reading! He is good at everything!

After death:

After death After he die he went to hell, the place that the bad people goes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^_^ And his child is about to have a rocket to fly to the space, then he die in the space because there is not enough o2!!!!

His wife:

His wife After he die, his wife die too. And his wife’s sprit went on the stair to the heaven because she did not do something wrong. And that god name her the highest wife of the earth, because her husband do something wrong but she didn’t, so the god gave her many thing even a queen crown ~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! Then someone said!@#$%^&*()_+@#$%$^$%#$^ because he want it too, so the god gave him the crown of hell! HAHAHA ~~~

End :

End At last they all went to a place call Jupiter! Then they all live there forever.

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