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Dunross KGR class 2010-2011


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A Special Bunch

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Aunty Jacqui & Aunty Giselle

Slide 4: 

First day colouring

Slide 5: 

3 Friends

Slide 6: 

Lovely Apples

Slide 7: 

Busy, busy, busy

Slide 8: 

Here is our friend “Chester”

Slide 9: 

Lets colour Chester

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Concentrating on our work

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Quiet Reading

Slide 12: 

We work on our mats

Slide 13: 

Lots of Lego

Slide 14: 

Jonathan and Josiah hard at work

Slide 15: 

Writing in our workbooks

Slide 16: 

Kai and Josiah cutting

Slide 17: 

Look! Chester is here

Slide 18: 

Lots of shapes

Slide 19: 

We can work together

Slide 20: 

Great job Aditya!

Slide 21: 

Busy students

Slide 22: 

Time for pegging

Slide 23: 

Fun in the BIG playground

Slide 24: 

Help me swing

Slide 25: 

2 sweet boys

Slide 26: 

What super balancing!

Slide 27: 

Here we are with Auntie Miriam. Our music teacher

Slide 28: 

Good listening in the library

Slide 29: 

Hooray! It’s Tuck shop day

Slide 30: 

We have fun dressing up

Slide 31: 

We love our school

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