Using Social Media to Present your Brand

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SOCIAL MEDIA And Creating Your Brand

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Social Media Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blogs Employers Potential Employers Current Employers Teachers College Admissions You Creating Your BRAND

Learning OBJECTIVES : 

Learning OBJECTIVES By the end of this session, you will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of demographics of social media. Demonstrate knowledge of the need for discretion on social networking sites. Identify examples of poor discretion in social media. Identify the reasons for the need for privacy and protect yourself when using social media.

A Toast to Social Media! : 

A Toast to Social Media! Whassup FB homies? The seat is thinking: “Dear God, please bleach me.”

SOCIAL MEDIA POLLWhich platforms are you using?Place a X in the box next to each one. : 

SOCIAL MEDIA POLLWhich platforms are you using?Place a X in the box next to each one.


SOCIAL MEDIA POLL What do you think? How many Facebook users are there? What is the average age? How often do you check in? How many friends do you have? How many Twitter users are there? How many LinkedIn users are there? How many MySpace users are there?

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Users - > 500 million Average age: 38 61% are aged 35 or older Misc. Info 50% log on daily Average 130 friends Social Media STATISTICS Users – > 100 Million Average age: 39 64% are aged 35 or older. Misc. Info 37 percent use their phone to tweet Users – > 75 Million Average age: 44 Highlight professional expertise and accomplishments Average age: 31 Tends to be more popular for bands and musicians 55.6 million adults –just less than 1/3rd of the population – in the US now visit social networks at least monthly Average age: 37 Users – 18 -100 Million (depending on who you ask)

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Why do we need to be discreet?

My MOM is on Facebook? : 

My MOM is on Facebook?

So is your EMPLOYER : 

So is your EMPLOYER

Or maybe THIS guy : 

Or maybe THIS guy

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The candidate: posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information - 53 percent posted content about them drinking or using drugs - 44 percent bad-mouthed their previous employer, co-workers or clients - 35 percent showed poor communication skills - 29 percent made discriminatory comments - 26 percent lied about qualifications - 24 percent shared confidential information from previous employer - 20 percent Why employers have DISREGARDED job candidates after screening social networking sites:

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MARKETING PROCESS Forty-five percent of employers reported in a recent CareerBuilder survey that they use social networking sites to research job candidates, a big jump from 22 percent last year. Another 11 percent plan to start using social networking sites for screening. More than 2,600 hiring managers participated in the survey, which was completed in June 2009.

What can go WRONG? : 

What can go WRONG?

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Posting offensive material Criticizing your employer Not participating in Social Media Unprofessional status updates Sending ludicrous tweets BLUNDERS That Might Hurt Your Career

DUMB Jennifer! : 

DUMB Jennifer! “OMG I HATE MY JOB and my boss!! Attending another stupid work meeting. Can’t wait to get to the bars!”

Posting OFFENSIVE Material : 

Posting OFFENSIVE Material

Unprofessional STATUS UPDATES : 

Unprofessional STATUS UPDATES

Sending LUDICROUS Tweets : 

Sending LUDICROUS Tweets

Good Examples of BAD Examples : 

Good Examples of BAD Examples

Fix this mayor. : 

Fix this mayor.

Voters Recall Oregon Mayor Who Posed on Fire Truck in Underwear : 

Voters Recall Oregon Mayor Who Posed on Fire Truck in Underwear ARLINGTON, Ore.  —  The mayor of an Oregon town who once stripped to her underwear and posed on a fire truck has been stripped of her office. Voters in Arlington, population about 500, voted narrowly on Monday night to recall Carmen Kontur-Gronquist. The tally was 142-139. City officials said the recall is effective Tuesday. Kontur-Gronquist said the pictures of her in black bra and panties were taken for use in a contest about fitness, but a relative posted them on MySpace in hopes it would improve the social life of the single mother. They predated her election, but she said she saw no reason to take them off the popular Web site once elected three years ago. Later, she closed access to them. Opponents said it wasn't fitting for the mayor to be so depicted. They said they also disagreed with her on issues about water and the local golf course.

Fix thispirate. : 

Fix thispirate. Drunk pirate

Teacher in Training Denied Credential : 

Teacher in Training Denied Credential Stacy Snyder was weeks away from getting her teaching degree when Millersville University refused to give her a teaching credential after school administrators learned of a photo on her MySpace page labeled "drunken pirate." She said school officials accused her of promoting underage drinking after seeing the photo, which showed Snyder wearing a pirate hat and drinking out of a yellow cup. (ABC News)

Fix thisbaby. : 

Fix thisbaby.

Cops investigate teen mom after 'Smoking' baby Facebook picture : 

Cops investigate teen mom after 'Smoking' baby Facebook picture A teenage mother was investigated by police after photographs of her six-month-old son with a cigarette in his mouth were posted on Facebook. Rebecca Davey, 18, was reported by online friends who spotted the picture of baby Ollie. Rebecca updated her status to read: 'Some w***** reported me to the police abwt picture off ollie.‘ Rebecca then declared her love for her son, writing: 'Why Would SomeOne Do That To Me U Ollie No was taking U Yur Mine for lyfee Darlinggg Mummy Loves You :)‘ Her friends rushed to her support, with one writing on her page: 'Some ppl r nosey f****** aint they!! dw [don't worry] ur a good mum they wont hassle u 4 long!!!‘ But another said: 'What chance has the kid got if the family behave like this?‘

Fix thisPalin. : 

Fix thisPalin.

Bristol Palin, Teen Boozehound : 

Bristol Palin, Teen Boozehound Out of some 10 million photos of drunk teens on the internet, this one was good enough, and among the least offensive.

Fix thisintern. : 

Fix thisintern.

Bank intern busted by Facebook : 

Bank intern busted by Facebook Kevin Colvin, an intern at Anglo Irish Bank's North American arm, was busted when he told his manager, Paul Davis, that he'd miss work due to what colleagues took to be a "family emergency". Davis turned up in a photo freshly posted to Facebook from the Halloween party Colvin apparently missed work to attend, and attached it to his reply, copying the rest of the office as he did it. The email thread is now spreading around the net. (Valleywag)

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What about privacy and security?

There’s no such thing : 

There’s no such thing Avoid posting your birth date Be very careful with location sharing Do not “out” your friends

Creating your BRAND : 

Creating your BRAND Work samples Resume Portfolio Research findings Work samples Events Blogs

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So…What have we learned?

Thank YOU! : 

Thank YOU!

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