Best Balayage Highlights in NYC

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Latest Hair Color Trend: Balayage Highlights:

Latest Hair Color Trend: Balayage Highlights Can you have simply unruly, low maintenance hair and still look trendy and chic? Of course, you can, especially if you have one of the best balayage highlights in NYC . Balayage is neither the color, nor the style, rather, it’s the technique to get gradual colour transition to get natural looking sun-kissed mane.


Balayage is a latest trend, yet its ageless. It might be a vogue right now, if you consider red carpets, catwalks and the cover photos of some of the leading fashion magazines, but this hair colour technique is here to stay forever.  Unlike the false colour foil gives, highlights done with bayalage technique look extremely natural, giving you gorgeous locks to flaunt. Ombre has been the last biggest hit when it comes to hair salon trends, but visit any hair salon in New York and you will find out how crazy the hair color industry has gone about balayage highlights.    The most significant difference in balayage and ombre is that ombre is the style of hair colour where one colour transits into another gradually. The roots might be blonde, but the tips of the hair are left smoking red hot. Colour choice might differ from grey and purple, to blonde and mahogany, or perhaps black and red, but the technique of creating this effect in a more natural way where large chunks of hair roots are left dark to create a natural looking hair gradient without the use of foil or cap is actually balayage.

: How to get it done? When we are talking about the latest red carpet trends, you think just any hair salon around the corner will be able to do justice to what you are craving to get on your hair right now? Certainly not! Visit or talk to only an expert who has done balayage more than a couple of times or may be a celebrity hair colorist if you can afford him.

: How to maintain balayage highlights? Balayage is the most low maintenance hair color technique and to maintain your natural looking sun kissed tresses, all you need to do is let it be! There are no significant colour lines you must maintain or require a touch up every few days or weeks. Balayage will give the best look when left unruly. Well, that the best part about it. And if you’re asked where you got your hair done from, it’s okay if you say its natural and you won’t be doubted.


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