Is Street Food Safe?

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Food is essential to life but, aside from being food a need, it is also a want. We love to eat as we find it very delightful and pleasing to our senses. As food is essential for our everyday life we found different ways to get it whenever or wherever we can and this is where street foods come into the scene. For More Details:


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Food is essential to life but aside from being food a need it is also a want. We love to eat as we find it very delightful and pleasing to our senses. As food is essential for our everyday life we found different ways to get it whenever or wherever we can and this is where street foods come into the scene. As the implies street foods are the foods that you can find almost anywhere. These are almost always ready to eat foods and are sold at very cheap rates. See here street food and chaat franchise business opportunities in India . Street foods are so popular as there are variant varieties one can get to eat. From veg to non-veg you will find lots of varieties to eat. There are different types of street foods you will find in every country especially in India. India is well known for its street foods. It is a paradise for foodies or food lover. From North to South and East to West every state and city has its own specialty. Here are the top street foods of India that will get you drooling: Aloo Tikki Chaat Golgappa Chole Bhature

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Pav Bhaji Rolls Noodles Kachori and Sabzi Biryani Kebabs Be it North South East or West India has got lots to offer. You will be amazed to see the infinite varieties of Indian street foods. Here you will also get fusion-foods to eat which are almost everyones favorite. But one thing that you need to think while eating these foods is about your health. Is street foods safe Whenever you are eating street foods you must think that whether or not these are safe for your health. You can see the sellers preparing food in front of you yet there are chances that these foods are not hygienic and you should not eat them. But is this all means that street foods are not safe Not all the time in fact I believe that street food is most time safer than restaurant foods. Lets see how you will know that the street food you are eating is safe or not.

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Where are you eating Whether or not the street food is safe depends on where you are eating. Hygiene is important factor when you are eating outside. There are many stalls that are near an open drainage. Flies are other insects are hovering around the previously cooked food. Street food stalls generally cook everything out in open this has one benefit for you that you can see or watch the process of preparing food and can make sure that everything is hunky dory. Temperature Have you ever heard about food bugs Yes the foods especially meats need to be well cooked in right temperature so that it will kill all the harmful bugs in your food. Hot is the key of safety of foods everything should be prepared in right temperature and also keep in mind that the food must not be over- cooked as its not also safe for your health. There are food stalls that serve day-old-cooked foods which is not good for your health. The hot served food is good for you health but not so hot the temperature you need to remember for meat is 71 degree Celsius. But you can not keep a meat thermometer in your pocket to check the temperature

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of the food so what you need to do is use your mind. Watch the food your vendor is cooking if the ingredients are sitting in bubbling oil for several minutes. Research before you go to eat If you are on a tour and eating street food then before you eat you should do some research. This research will help you to eat in the right place. You can ask the locals to know where you can eat or what you should try in their city. They can tell you about the best place or street food stalls that serve the best foods. Conclusion Street foods are safe but yet there are many stalls that serve day-old-cooked foods or cook foods in old dirty utensils unclean surface utensils etc. So you need to take extra care while taking the decision where to eat. If a stall is selling many varieties then this means not everything is being prepared fresh so you should only go to stall that sells few items or single item.

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If you will follow all these steps then you will definitely eat street foods that are safe. Well there are many eateries and restaurants that serve all the delicacies of Indian street foods. If you want to eat the hygienic street foods then you can go to these restaurants that serve street foods. Chaat Ka Chaska Offers Street Food Franchise Opportunity in Delhi . You can have all the delicacies of street foods like Golgappa Aloo Chaat Tikki Chaat Chole Bhature Rolls Momos etc. So you just need to search such restaurants in your city or area. If you are in a new city then you can search on Google for a street food restaurant near you and you will get the list of restaurants in the city where you can sit and enjoy all the street food delicacies.

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