Crisis in the Middle East


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Crisis in the Middle East:

Crisis in the Middle East By: Christian Gomez P.8

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Slides 3-8: Intro to the Crisis Slides 9-14: Going in Depth of the Protests Slides 15-20: The Aftermath of the Crisis

Intro to the Protests:

Intro to the Protests A few months ago, people protested the dictatorship of their leaders. This drama all started in Tunisia. People did not admire their leaders for their total control. The middle eastern people felt they did not have enough freedom. These protests caused many problems for people to deal with.

Slide 4:

To historians, the protests in the Middle East are known to them as the Jasmine Revolution.

Ben Ali’s Problem:

Ben Ali’s Problem In Tunisia, the president Ben Ali was a bad ruler but was supported by the United States and France. The Tunisians felt no appreciation from the president and rioted.

Tunisian Riots:

Tunisian Riots Riots have broken out in Tunisia. Tunisians took their protests to the streets. They did not stop until the president resigned.

Hosni Mubarak:

Hosni Mubarak People in Egypt had the same problem. Egyptians wanted Hosni Mubarak out of office because he was a bad ruler.

The Reign of Mubarak:

The Reign of Mubarak People felt Mubarak had ruled Egypt for far too long. Mubarak was not a very effective president. He too was forced to resign from office.

The Protests:

The Protests The middle eastern people were rallying on the streets to state their cause. The police were not able to calm the people down. It was a battle between the government and the protestors.


Reporters As the protests went on, news reporters were giving the news on the progress. The news reporters ended up getting caught in the protests and got hurt.

Health of the Protestors:

Health of the Protestors The protestors themselves got hurt by the police. The police beat them with their own weapons.

Horror of the Protests:

Horror of the Protests People were not to able to be on the streets. The protests are so bad that they have to stay in their apartment buildings.

Weapons Used:

Weapons Used The protestors used weapons that starts fires. The streets ended up burning. The fires could be seen from away.

Spread of Chaos:

Spread of Chaos The protests that started in Tunisia and Egypt spread all over the Middle East. A lot of middle eastern people were influenced to overthrow their leaders.

Effect on Hollywood:

Effect on Hollywood The protests affected Hollywood because a lot of movies shoot in Egypt and because of the protests there was no shooting in Egypt.

The Length of the Protests:

The Length of the Protests The protests took about a month to be done. It took such a long time for a leader to resign from office.

The Start of War:

The Start of War The protests did not end in Libya. The rebels chose to have a civil war to overthrow the leader.

Moammar Ghadafi:

Moammar Ghadafi A man named Moammar Ghadafi refused to step down from office. He thought the people would be loyal to him and respect him.

USA Takes Action:

USA Takes Action After seeing what was going on in Libya, the U.S. decided to intervene. The U.S. made a coalition with other countries to go against Ghadafi.

Libyan War:

Libyan War Ghadafi actually went to war with his people. Each side had their own group of army men. Neither side wanted to stop until they got what they wanted.

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