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Book Trailer for Hatchet : 

Book Trailer for Hatchet By: Gary Paulsen A Story of Survival

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It should have been a typical flight…

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… but because of the crash, he ended up here.

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He was hungry, hurt, and all alone… or was he?

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Now it was all about surviving.

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No supplies – Only the clothes on his back and the hatchet that his mother gave to him.

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So hungry – would he be able to figure out how to catch prey?

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Or catch fish in the lake?

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Were there other dangers that he would encounter?

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What about severe weather?

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Would he ever be rescued? Would he survive?

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Acknowledgments Photos Bluegill by toyohara Jack rabbit by Jason Bechtel Moose by Al Hike Blackberry bush by Tom Curtis Water spout by Jim Hatchet by Chealions Plane by Donna Woods by Jasmic Lake by Charlkie Sound Track Alone in the cold by Steve Brooke

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