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Procedures and Technology Chapter 8 Developing Presentation Skills

Need for Presentation Skills : 

Need for Presentation Skills Speaking before small groups Team reports Slides as discussion aids for meetings Speaking at professional association meetings 2

Planning Presentations : 

Planning Presentations Identify the objective To inform To persuade To entertain Consider the audience Demographics Interests and concerns Knowledge of the topic Reasons for attending the presentation 3

Planning Presentations : 

Planning Presentations Consider the time and length Time allotted for the presentation Time of day for the presentation Consider the location Research the topic 4 Workplace Wisdom One key to overcoming stage fright is knowing the topic of your presentation well.

Writing Presentations : 

Writing Presentations Organize the material Note the main points and supporting details Select an order (direct or indirect) Develop an opening Ask a question Relate a quotation or brief story Refer to a current event 5

Writing Presentations : 

Writing Presentations Develop a strong message Cover major/important points early Repeat or restate key points Use a positive tone Develop a strong closing Get the audience’s attention Restate main points or ask for some action 6

Handling Questions : 

Handling Questions Before the presentation Anticipate questions that may be asked Prepare answers to those questions During the question-and-answer session Repeat the question so everyone can hear it Be honest if you do not know the answer Control interchanges (hecklers and off-topic questions) Briefly restate your main point or call to action after answering the last question 7

Using Visual Aids : 

Using Visual Aids Select visual aids that will reinforce your message Objects Transparencies Posters and flipcharts Whiteboards Electronic slides Handouts 8

Guidelines for Slides : 

Guidelines for Slides Include a title on each slide Use short bullet points for text Include graphics as appropriate Use contrasting colors for background and text Limit the number of fonts Be creative 9

Guidelines for Slides : 

Guidelines for Slides Use themes in presentation software to achieve professional results 10

Practicing Presentations : 

Practicing Presentations Rehearse Practice in the presentation room, if possible Ask someone to listen and give feedback Use visual aids effectively Stand where you will not block the visual aids Look at the audience as you speak Keep the light at a level that allows listeners to see both you and the visual aids Plan your attire 11

Delivering Presentations : 

Delivering Presentations Just before the presentation Arrive early Check out the room layout and the equipment During the presentation Respond to your introduction Focus on the message Watch your time Deliver a strong closing Seek feedback 12

Giving Team Presentations : 

Giving Team Presentations Select the team Work together for success Each team member knows the presentation goals Duties are assigned to each member Deadlines are assigned for completing tasks All members are present at the presentation to speak or answer questions 13

Discussion Questions : 

Discussion Questions Why is considering the audience during planning important to the success of a presentation? What are some examples of objects that might be used as visual aids during a presentation? With what size audience is using objects appropriate? 14

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