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Procedures and Technology Chapter 3 Managing andOrganizing Yourself

Goals and Accountability : 

Goals and Accountability Set goals for yourself Long-term and short-term goals Clear, realistic, positive goals 2 Align your goals

Goals and Accountability : 

Goals and Accountability Adjust your priorities Stay motivated Measure your progress The role of incentives Resist interference Take advantage of opportunities Accountability leads to results 3

Becoming More Accountable : 

Becoming More Accountable Make deadlines a priority Complete the circle Keep in mind the chain of accountability Let the buck stop with you Polish your projects Source: OfficeTeam, “Accountability in Today’s Workplace,” 4

Workstation Organization : 

Workstation Organization Overall appearance Organizational aids and supplies Planner Inbox and outbox Vertical file with folders Ready-to-go principle 5 Workplace Wisdom At the end of each day, clear your desk and prepare a to-do list for the next day, putting the most urgent matters first.

Manage Your Workload : 

Manage Your Workload Use a planner Avoid procrastination Prioritize your work 6

Manage Your Workload : 

Manage Your Workload Make neatness a habit Control paper and e-mail Items for immediate attention Items to deal with later Items to be forwarded Items to be filed Organize files Streamline repetitive tasks 7

Manage Your Workload : 

Manage Your Workload Manage projects Break large projects into small parts Set deadlines for completing each part Handle time wasters Interruptions and other people Trouble focusing Make downtime productive 8

Life Management : 

Life Management Take care of yourself Manage relationships Cope with stress Set aside time to do something for yourself Talk about stressful situations with a friend Make time for physical activity Get enough sleep Set realistic goals and limits 9

Discussion Questions : 

Discussion Questions Do you use a manual or an electronic planner or calendar? How does (could) this tool help you stay organized? Is all stress bad? How can stress can be helpful? 10

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