Chapter 3

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The Written Word : 

The Written Word

Written Communications : 

Written Communications Vital to Business

Correcting Common Writing Problems : 

Correcting Common Writing Problems Clarity Friendliness

Language : 

Language Redundant Words Transitional Words Vary Your Language Gender Bias Moving the Reader to Action Plain English

Letters : 

Letters Letterhead Margins Templates Letter and Punctuation Styles

Essential Parts of a Letter : 

Essential Parts of a Letter Date Inside Address Salutation Body Complimentary Close Writer’s Name

Optional Parts of a Letter : 

Optional Parts of a Letter Return Address Special Notations Attention Line Subject Line Company Name Writer’s Title Writer’s Initials Copy Notation Enclosure Postscript

Interoffice Memorandum : 

Interoffice Memorandum Correspondence Delivered Within the Company Follows the Same Writing Rules as Letters for Clarity Tone Organization

Reports : 

Reports Research Materials Internet Research Organization Formatting

News Release : 

News Release Written Communication Sent to News Media Examples: Company Announcements Introduction of New Products

Newsletters : 

Newsletters Distributed to Employees, Clients, Public Mailed or Emailed

Email : 

Email Guidelines Emoticons Situations Not Communicated

Text Messaging : 

Text Messaging Short Messages Uses Abbreviations

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