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Chapter 9 Numeric Records Management Copyright 2011 South-Western, Cengage Learning

Numeric Records Management:

Numeric Records Management A system for arranging records based on numbers Good for organizations that need to keep records confidential Makes expanding files easy 2

Consecutive Numbering:

Consecutive Numbering Numbered records are arranged in ascending number order Numbers follow one after another without interruption An index must be referenced to locate a numbered record 3

Components and Supplies:

Components and Supplies Numbered guides and folders for the numeric file Alphabetic guides and folders for the general alphabetic file Software for an accession log Software for an alphabetic index 4

Numbered Guides and Folders:

Numbered Guides and Folders Numbered primary guides divide the file into sections Numbered folders are placed behind the guides Folders may also show names or subjects 5

Alphabetic Guides and Folders:

Alphabetic Guides and Folders Hold records of correspondents with only a few records Placed at the beginning of the numeric file 6

Accession Log:

Accession Log Is a serial list of numbers assigned to records Includes the date of the assignment Indicates the next number to be assigned 7

Alphabetic Index:

Alphabetic Index A reference to a numeric file Organized alphabetically Used to find the number assigned to a name or subject Also called a relative index 8

Storage and Retrieval Procedures:

Storage and Retrieval Procedures Inspecting Indexing Coding Number coding 9

Storage and Retrieval Procedures:

Storage and Retrieval Procedures Cross-referencing Sorting Storing Retrieving 10

Consecutive Number Storage:

Consecutive Number Storage Advantages Expansion is easy and unlimited All cross-references are in the alphabetic name database Files are secure because names do not appear on captions Disadvantages Indirect access method Sorting takes longer Congestion occurs at the end of the file 11

Nonconsecutive Number Storage:

Nonconsecutive Number Storage Terminal-digit storage Number are divided into groups The last group (two or three digits) is the primary division under which a record is filed Middle-digit storage Number are divided into groups The middle group (two or three digits) is the primary division under which a record is filed Chronologic storage 12

Other Numeric Coding Systems:

Other Numeric Coding Systems Block-numeric coding Duplex-numeric coding Decimal-numeric coding Alphanumeric coding 13 Alphanumeric coding uses letters and numbers to identify records.

Databases for Numeric Storage:

Databases for Numeric Storage Accession log and alphabetic index Fields for middle-digit or terminal-digit files 14

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