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disc All About American National Holidays! Do you have a favorite? Presentation By: Catherine Fink

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Common Core Standards Timeline chart Knee partner discussion time Martin Luther King Presidents’ Day Knee partner discussion Memorial Day Graphs (Venn Diagram-Flag Day vs. Independence Day) Clothing Food we eat at celebrations Music we listen to for special holidays

Common Core Standards:

Common Core Standards SSKH1 The student will identify the purpose of national holidays and describe the people or events celebrated. a . Labor Day b. Columbus Day (Christopher Columbus) c. Veterans Day d. Thanksgiving Day e. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day f. Presidents Day (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the current President) g. Memorial Day h. Flag Day i . Independence Day

Holiday Timeline:

Holiday Timeline January February March April May June July August September October November December Labor Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day President’s Day Memorial Day Flag Day Independence Day Thanksgiving Day

Knee-Partner Time:

Knee-Partner Time **Turn and talk to your knee-partner to answer the question: Can you list some National Holidays? Do you have a favorite?

January: Martin Luther King Jr.:

January: Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream Click here to learn all about Martin Luther King Jr.!

February: President’s Day:

February: President’s Day All About Presidents Click here to learn about Presidents Day!

Think with your Brain!:

Think with your Brain! *Did you know that in order to run for president you have to be born in America? *Turn to your knee partner, which color is our country?

Did you choose this country?:

Did you choose this country? If you did, Kiss your brain! If you want to be the president of the United States, you must live in the United States

PowerPoint Presentation:

Flag Day vs. Independence Day **Do you know the difference?? *Turn and share ideas with your knee partner

May Memorial Day:

May Memorial Day HERE Click to learn more About Memorial Day!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Flag Day Both Independence Day Celebrated on June 14 th each year Celebrated for the adoption of the US flag 13 Stripes represent 13 colonies and 50 stars represent 50 states People march in parades Celebrate by wearing red, white and blue! Celebrated on July 4 th each year Celebrated for the United States gaining it’s independence Declaration of Independence signed July 4 th , 1776 Many people celebrate by watching fireworks

September Labor Day:

September Labor Day The History of Labor Day Click on the TV to watch a video on the history of Labor Day!

October Columbus Day:

October Columbus Day Christopher Columbus Click here to watch a video on Christopher Columbus

November Veterans Day:

November Veterans Day All About Veterans Day By 5th graders! Click the TV to watch!

November Thanksgiving Day:

November Thanksgiving Day The Very First Thanksgiving! Click here to learn all about the first Thanksgiving!

Let’s Review! *What month do we celebrate National Holidays? :

Let’s Review! *What month do we celebrate National Holidays? January Martin Luther King Jr. February President’s Day March April May Memorial Day June Flag Day July Independence Day (The 4 th of July) August September October November Thanksgiving Day December

Which holiday is the class favorite? What trends do you notice?:

Which holiday is the class favorite? What trends do you notice?

The End!!:

The End!!

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