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Presentation given by Dr. Pramod Dhakal at the NRN-USA Annual Conference on February 20, 2010 in Louisville, KY. English Language Version. Dr. Dhakal explains the need for an Open University of Nepal and about the joint CFFN NRN-USA initiative, Open University of Nepal


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1 Open University of Nepal Dr. P. Dhakal, Dr. A. Adhikari, Dr. D. Rasali CFFN.CA, NRN-Canada, NRN-USA, NRN-SKIT To the margins of society, Through the efforts of NRNs! Peaceful And Prosperous Nepal NRN-USA Convention February 20, 2010, Louisville, KY USA

Background : 

2 Under Capacity Drop-out due to Poverty Family & $ Constraints Teacher Limitations ICT’s Intension: Education Outcome: Chatting/Email Background

Gaps: Absolute & Rural-Urban : 

3 Age Elementary Higher High School Achievement Gap Accumulated Achievement Rural Urban 90% Rural SLC Failures: English, Math, Science Tertiary APR: 9%, 3% women, Rural? World Bank Recommendation: 40-50% I. II. III. Gaps: Absolute & Rural-Urban

Filling the Gaps : 

Means: Economy: Investment, Trade Knowledge: Inquiry, Innovation, Imitation Means Acquisition: Grazing on the world! Lacking: Institution dedicated to grazing Filling the Gaps 4

The Mission : 

Objective: NRN led Content Production NRN made Open University Values: Givable, Generative, Additive, Inclusive, Obtainable, Lasting Outcome: Mass-access to quality higher education that is affordable The Mission 5

Approach : 

6 Foundation Approach

Approach : 

Approach Doer

Approach : 

Approach Deed

Approach : 

Approach Devotion

Approach : 

Approach Risk

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Sustainability 11

Strength: Academic : 

Strength: Academic Learning Application/Practical Employment/Living Research/Innovation Quality/Integrity Recognition Memorization Theory Classics Repetition Formality Beratement 12

Strength: Business : 

Strength: Business

Overarching Goal : 

Overarching Goal 14 To: Institution Building From: Project Execution

Blueprint for Open University : 

Risk Devotion Deeds Doer Foundation 15 Blueprint for Open University

Thank You : 

16 Contact: Dr. Pramod Dhakal Executive Director Canada Foundation for Nepal 33 Bellman Dr, Ottawa, K2H 8S3 CanadaEmail:, Skype: pramoddhakal Phone:+1-613-596-6692 Thank You

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