USHA: Ushering Shared Aspirations

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This presentation was given at the 4th NRN Global Conference, hosted by the Non-Resident Nepali Association, in Kathmandu, Nepal on October 14, 2009. It is in the Nepali language.


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1 Usha: Ushering Shared Aspirations Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Dr. Ambika Adhikari, Dr. Drona Rasali CFFN.CA, NRN-Canada, and NRN-USA October 14, 2009 To the margins of society , Through the light of knowledge!

Achieving universal education and alleviating abject poverty : 

Achieving universal education and alleviating abject poverty 2 Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

Nepal: Gap with the world : 

Nepal: Gap with the world Physical Development: - Clothes, building, school, food, road, … - Way: - Trade - Entrepreneurship Intellectual Development: Knowledge resources Way: Inquiry Innovation Imitation First Frontier: Grazing onto the world!

What is Usha? : 

What is Usha? Objective: Educational content transfer Values: Givable, Generative, Additive, Inclusive, Obtainable, Lasting, Inspiring Outcome: Awareness, behavior change, greater employment, poverty reduction, improved quality of life, innovation, earned respect, and a place in the world Who will do, if not us?

Factors affecting success : 

Factors affecting success Environment, Social-demography, Family, … Intentions, Intensity, Incidence, … 5 Education Interest Use Need Situation

Status of Universal Education in Nepal : 

Status of Universal Education in Nepal 6 Age Kinder-garden Socio-economic status, facility for Education etc. Elementary Education Higher Education High School Education High Low Accumulated achievements Illiterate/uneducated Below poverty line Poor Health/sanitation MDG goals Accumulated Achievement Rural Urban

The Result : 

The Result 7

Cause of Knowledge Gap : 

Cause of Knowledge Gap Who bridges the gap?

The Gap: Internal : 

The Gap: Internal World Urban Nepal Poverty Unawareness Untouchability Exclusion Illiteracy Hardship Illness Mortality Rural Nepal

Sources of Knowledge : 

Sources of Knowledge Perception Inference Words Pattern Theory Failure

Sources of Knowledge : 

Sources of Knowledge Invention Imitation Reflection

Why us? : 

Why us? 12

Role of Intellectuals and Govt : 

Role of Intellectuals and Govt Create the grazing ground of knowledge Ways are in linking: Production with Preservation E.g. US Library of Congress, and the British Library Preservation with Propagation E.g. Survival of ancient mathematics Propagation with Accessibility E.g. School, Municipal, and Branch Libraries Educational institutions 13

The role of NRNs? : 

The role of NRNs? Write and collect Write content, edit, feed ideas Develop collection infrastructure Provide logistics for distribution World -> Nepal Nepal -> Schools Collaborate World <-> Nepal Rural <-> Urban

Where is the fruit? : 

Where is the fruit? The Fruit is in: 15

Questions : 

16 Questions Contact: Pramod DhakalEmail: Phone: 613-596-6692Web:

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