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Here Are CWNP CWT-100 Exam Questions

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Question :1 EAP-TLS is used for 802.1X/EAP authentication on your WLAN. What must be installed on all client devices that connect using this method A. RADIUS shared secret B. RADIUS IP address C. Certificate D. EAP-TLS DLL Answer: C

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Question :2 You have five APs and each AP has an average of 63 connected and active clients an any given moment. Many users complain that throughput is poor on the WLAN. You use only channels 1 6 and 11 in 2.4 GHz on these APs and have configured them with a staggered channel plan. You are not using the 5 GHz radios available in the APs. What action would have the most significant positive impact on performance A. Install two more APs in the 2.4 GHz frequency band B. Enable the 5 GHz radios on all five APs C. Increase the output power on all five APs D. Change the channels to 3 and 7 on two of the APs Answer: B

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Question :3 A user reports that his laptop was rebooted this morning and now he cannot connect to the WLAN. No other users are reporting connection problems in his work areA. No network configuration changes have been made. Which one of the following is the most likely issue A. The driver was updated and the new version is problematic B. The network SSID has changed C. Wrong passphrase entered for WPA2 on his laptop D. The AP is not allowing his laptop onto the network because it was rebooted and the reboot changed the MAC address Answer: A

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Question :4 You have recently changed the passphrase used with WPA2 in several APs and have reconfigured clients for the new passphrase. Now a few clients are unable to connect to those APs. Most clients can connect to them just fine. What is the likely problem A. The APs have the wrong new passphrase B. The working clients have the wrong passphrase C. The problem clients are not 802.11-capable D. The problem clients have the wrong passphrase Answer: D

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Question :5 What process is used after authentication to generate and install encryption keys on 802.11 devices using WPA2 A. 802.1X port-based authentication B. Passphrase to PSK mapping algorithm C. EAP authentication D. 4-way handshake Answer: D

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