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Certificationexam Microsoft MB6-894 Development Extensions and Deployment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Certificationexam Validate your MB6-894 Exam learning and preparation with our most updated MB6-894 dumps. Certificationexam.us has experienced IT experts who gather and approve a huge range of Microsoft MB6-894 Questions Answers for Microsoft Dynamic 365 Certification seekers. Practicing our 100 updated MB6-894 Practice Tests is a guaranteed way towards your success in Microsoft MB6-894 Exam. MB6-894 Braindumps MB6-894 Practice Dumps

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Certificationexam You Don’t need to take any stress for the preparation of MB6-894 Exam because we will provide you real Exam questions answers Certificationexam provide you some demo question answer of MB6-894 Dumps. MB6-894 Braindumps MB6-894 Practice Dumps

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Certificationexam Questions NO 1 You are writing an X++ method. You need to perform the same logic for multiple records in the database. How should you iterate over multiple records in X++ A. Declare a table buffer variable and then write a "while select" statement to iterate through each record. B. Declare a shared variable for the table and use the next method to read each record. C. Declare a RecordSortedList variable for the table and use the next method to read each record. D. Declare an enumerator for the table and call the moveNext method to read each record. Answer: A www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 2 According to best practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in which two situations should you use labels Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A. when accessing external resources such as web servers B. when specifying user interface text for menu items forms and reports C. when programming for all external strings D. when specifying the resource for a form image control Answer: B C www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 3 You are working in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail environment and need to develop an app that can be installed on a tablet to calculate the sales total with tax for a given list of items. The app must work if the tablet loses wireless connectivity. Which type of interface should you use to develop the app A. Cloud POS B. User Interface C. eCommerce D. Modern POS Answer: D www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 4 You are writing a method to update the Customer reference field on a Sales order table record. You begin by writing the following code: class ExampleClass /// summary /// Update the Customer reference field on the Sales orders table. /// /summary /// param name "_salesId" /// Sales order to update /// /param /// param name "_customerRef" /// Updated Customer reference value /// /param www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam public static void updateSalesTableCustomerReferenceSalesId _salesId CustRef _customerRef SalesTable salesTable Which statement will complete the method A. salesTable SalesTable::find_salesId salesTable.CustomerRef _customerRef salesTable.update B. update_recordset salesTable setting CustomerRef_customerRef where salesTable.salesid_salesId C. salesTable SalesTable::find_salesId true salesTable.CustomerRef _customerRef salesTable.update D. update_recordset salesTable setting SalesId _salesId where salesTable.CustomerRef _customerRef Answer: C www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 5 You are adding a relationship to a table. Which two best practices should you follow Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. Define a navigational relationship the validate property on the relation should be set to "Yes" for easier navigation. B. Set the validate property to No when you are using navigational relationships so that the application is easy to navigate. C. Name the relationship with an "_rel" suffix in order to differentiate it from the index that is appended with "_idx". D. Define the relationship to a foreign key on the child table by setting the validate property on the relation to Yes. Answer: B D www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 6 You create a new form to allow users to edit records in the Customer table. You need to prevent users from deleting any customer records. What should you do to achieve this goal A. On the CustTable data source on the form set the Allow Delete property to No. B. Remove the Delete command button from the form. C. On the form design set the View Edit Mode property to View. D. Implement an OnDeleted event handler to prevent the deletion. Answer: A www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 7 You are an Independent Software Vendor ISV developer who is creating a new module in a solution. As part of the solution you create a new menu. You need the menu to appear in the list of modules available on the navigation pane. What should you do to achieve this goal A. Create an extension of the MainMenu menu and add a menu reference to the new menu. B. Create an extension of the NavPaneMenu menu and add a menu reference to the new menu. C. Create an extension of the CommonMenu menu and add a menu reference to the new menu. D. Create an extension of the StartPageMenu menu and add a menu reference to the new menu. Answer: A www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 8 What is an example of a best practice for creating base enumerations A. Use base enumerations when there is a variable number of user-defined outcomes. B. Value of zero should be used as the default value for base enumerations. C. Avoid accessing a constant by using an enumerator. D. Avoid assigning labels to enumerations that have a default value. Answer: B www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 9 Your development team plans to use the new API exposed in Commerce Runtime CRT to set/get or validate values based on enum type. Which two benefits will your team gain from using the new API in this manner Each correct answer presets a complete solution. A. They can directly map between Finance and Operations enums and CRT enums without manually creating the enums in CRT. B. They can easily override or add triggers at specific extension points instead of owning the entire service or operation. C. They can help skip certain checks used to override the entire calculate service by adding pre/post triggers for the validation check. D. They can have multiple partners and ISVs create extensible enums and use them independently without any code merge. Answer: A D www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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Certificationexam Questions NO 10 You are developing a solution to insert and update records in a table named Table1 and you need to ensure that you handle the possible exceptions. Table1 does not have any unique indexes that include the ID or the Description fields. The table has the following structure: What is the output of the X++ code A. Max value DDEerror Data error B. Break C. Data error_RC D. Max value DDEerror Error has occurred Answer: D www.certificationexam.us/category/microsoft-dumps-pdf/microsoft-mb6-894-dumps/

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