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5 Facts about Terbinafine Tablets Terbinafine is an antifungal medicine that is used to treat fungal infection particularly on skin and nails. It comes in the form of tablets cream gel liquid and spray. In this blog post by Centurion Healthcare lets learn 5 facts about the terbinafine tablet from Centurion Healthcare. Centurion Healthcare is a Terbinafine tablet usp manufacturer in India. Disease treatment with Terbinafine Common diseases that require Terbinafine treatment are athlete’s foot fungal infection skin and nose ringworm pityriasis versicolor and jock itch. Depending on the kind of skin problem doctors recommend the form of Terbinafine to consume. The most common kind of Terbinafine dosage is usually tablets. Buying Terbinafine tablets Terbinafine tablets are easily available at pharmacy stores. However it is mandatory to show a medical prescription from an authorized doctor to buy Terbinafine tablets in India. You can buy as many Terbinafine tablets as prescribed by a doctor or in small batches if it’s a long course of Terbinafine tablets. Terbinafine tablets side infection Terbinafine tablets might lead to light side effects depending on the patients health condition. Common side effects of Terbinafine tablet dosage include no appetite joint or muscle pain stomach upset or dizziness. In case the side effects are severe please discuss with your doctor immediately. Terbinafine consumption age limits Anybody after the age of 1 can consume Terbinafine tablets. Terbinafine get and spray can also be used after the age of 1. However for using Terbinafine solution the age limit starts after 18+ years confirms Centurion Healthcare – a terbinafine tablets usp exporter from India. Terbinafine tablet consumption method Terbinafine tablets can be taken with food or without food as well. Patients should take the tablet crush it into powder form and swallow the Terbinafine tablet. No water is mandatory for consuming Terbinafine tablets. During the Terbinafine tablet dosage span patients must avoid alcohol or alcoholic beverages. All the above 5 facts about Terbinafine tablets are compiled by Centurion Healthcare. Centurion Healthcare is a leading terbinafine tablets usp exporter company from India. Centurion Healthcare highly recommends use of terbinafine tablets only upon doctor’s prescription.

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