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Dr. Arturo Cordero Castillo   Ear-Nose and Throat   Rhinology   Nasosinusal endoscopic surgery Dr. Arturo Cordero has a long career and a great experience as an otolaryngologist in Guatemala, in everything related to problems related to Ear, Nose and Throat. His exquisite practice in otolaryngology specialties such as advanced nasal surgery, endoscopic and skull base surgery, make him a professional of great prestige and reference in Guatemala.


Dr. Arturo Cordero began his medical studies at the prestigious medical school of the Francisco Marroquín Private University (UFM) in Guatemala. Later he moved to Spain, where he spent a year and a half doing the MIR. Later, he would move to the University Hospital of La Fe, in Valencia, where he would choose the specialty of otorhinolaryngology, a specialty that he would later complement with a fellowship in a renowned hospital such as the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. The Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) department of the Clínic is at the forefront of rhinology and oncology of the head and neck in Spain. During all this time, Dr. Arturo Cordero has been working for more than a year in all the rhinology part, specifically in the endoscopic part of sinus surgery, and skull base surgery, specializing in the removal of tumors in The head is approached through the nose. After finishing his studies in Spain, he returns to Guatemala where he starts as a  partner at the Otorhinolaryngological Center in Guatemala City.


Dr. Arturo Cordero, has more than eight years of professional experience as an otolaryngologist at the Medical Center, attending in his consultations patients with breathing problems and allergies and rhinitis problems fundamentally. Many of these patients with sinusitis are offered different alternatives and therapies, and in more complex cases specific surgeries to correct this type of problem. For those troublesome and continuous problems, such as congestion, olfactory or recurrent problems such as nasal obstruction, the Otorhinolaryngological Center of Guatemala provides preventive and effective solutions to improve the quality of life of the patient, without the need for the patient to get used to these problems that last over time and that affect their quality of life. To satisfactorily resolve certain pathologies and be able to face the most complex surgeries with total safety, the Otorhinolaryngological Center in Guatemala has the most modern diagnostic and treatment means.  For example, the center has the best endoscopic tower, Speiss, tower of the prestigious German firm Karl Storz , with which you can make more advanced and precise procedures such as repair of skull base, fistulas, nasal tumors, etc. mainly all those related to the endoscopic part.


The Otorhinolaryngological Center of Guatemala  is not only at the forefront of technology and medicine, it is also a reference in Guatemala for solving complex pathologies through advanced nasal surgeries, endoscopic and skull base surgeries, where Dr. Arturo Cordero shines as a recognized specialist in these fields. Above all this professional experience in the most advanced nasal surgery,  where Dr. Arturo Cordero is a recognized prestigious otolaryngologist and reference in Guatemala , this doctor enjoys his profession as a hobby, dedicating himself to her body and soul, making every day what he really likes. The recognition of their work by their patients and seeing them return to the consultation commenting that  this otorhinolaryngologist changed their lives and that they have returned to activities that they could not do before, it is very rewarding and beautiful part, and this beyond medicine, it is unique .


“My philosophy of life is always to give that little bit more, you always have to be willing to give, not only 100%, but that little bit more than anyone is going to give, to always try to give the best to the patient and not stay in the middle. “ “I think that’s the most important thing. If the patient needs you at 3 o’clock in the morning, if you need to talk to you or if you need anything, always be there for him and contribute more than usual. “


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Phone: Miami, Florida, United States: (305) 360-8409 Guatemala City, Central America: (502) 2290-8506:

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