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C. Emory Cross CLU Workers compensation insurance policy is issued to business owner that is typically designed for coverage of costs related to work injuries or accidents of their employees. Costs associated with worker’s injuries such as medical bills lost wages rehabilitation and permanent disability etc will be paid through this insurance policy scheme. The state’s workers’ compensation regulatory commission set the benefits by including them under workers’ compensation policy. Get an Effective Workers Compensation Insurance Policy C E M O R Y C R O S S . C O M

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C E M O R Y C R O S S . C O M For all those who do not want to spend a lot of money in providing health care facilities to their injured employees’ needs worker compensation insurance. As well as if running a business you need to follow the regulations which see a great need to buy workers compensation insurance. Operating business without having workers’ compensation insurance bears a risk of getting heavy fines as well as with a possibility of shutting down of your business. Having workers’ compensation insurance can help you as an employer protect from any financial disaster. You can buy effective workers compensation insurance policy from C.Emory Cross. Businesses of any size are most welcome to get my helpful assistance about Florida workers compensation law.

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C E M O R Y C R O S S . C O M In Florida businesses ranging from large to small are opting to buy workers compensation insurance for coverage of their employees which will also help in reflecting a good brand of their business in the market as well as will balance a well maintained bank account. Once bought this insurance policy you will enjoy a stress free environment to focus only on your betterment of your business. As per the state law of Florida if you are having four or more employees then it is must to carry appropriate workers compensation insurance. Cell: 813-505-2569 Fax: 877-821-9582

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