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Florida Workers Compensation Construction PEO Employee Leasing

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Our mission is to provide you with quick & reliable workers compensation insurance solutions utilizing our 50+ years of experience. OUR MISSION

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Florida Workers Compensation Insurance, Quick Certificates for 1+ Employees 24 hours after we receive your application. Quick Certificates

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Request A free workers Compensation insurance quote

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From your initial request for proposal, to the delivery of certificates of workers compensation insurance to your customers, we are the trusted insurance partner that you have always wanted.

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We Have Access To Every Type Of Workers Compensation Solution Elimination of workers’ compensation premium deposits Elimination of workers’ compensation premium audits Workers ’ Compensation claim management and administration Aggressive fraudulent claim defenses Safety manual development Safety training services Drug free workplace development and administration OSHA record keeping assistance Return to work program development and coordination

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We Specialize In Getting Fast Results Very few people call us 30 days before they need workers compensation insurance and certificates. They call us a week or so after their existing policy has been non-renewed or they need a certificate to get a new job, or to get paid for a job that they have already done that required coverage before they started the job and they just did not get around to it .

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CONTACT US C. Emory Cross CLU Cell : 813-505-2569 Fax : 877-821-9582 Website : cemorycross.com

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