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At Cementation, we produce high-quality salt for Industrial usage, de-icing purpose, raw salt and it is sold overseas on a larger scale.


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Emerging Industry Leaders

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ABOUT US OUR VISION Our vision is to build a strong reputation for our organization across the world by offering quality products and excptional customer service. We want to create a future that is exciting and promising for all together. OUR MISSION To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders exceeding in service quality reliability safety and customer care as the ultimate goal. To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for Society the environment and above all the people.

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Industrial salt are used to set the dye for fabric even it is used to produced leather paper plastic as well as in the chemical industry. Industrial salt is also essential component in the manufacture of papers tires brass bleach and case-hardened steel. Industrial salt is also used as water softener. It helps to alter the water hardness and also for water disinfection. Industrial Salt

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Industrial Salt Salt is also used to detect the energy resources. It allows to make liquid denstities wider and alos improved communication speed. Sodium chloride is so good to extinguish fire caused by buring some metal somthering the flame. Leather industry also uses salt as it is so useful due to its properties making leather to maintain mositure level. Salt is also in paper industry to bleach the wood plup before making paper or any other cellulose- containing materials. Know more about salt production from our website Cementation is salt production company based in Gandhidham Gujarat India that produces different types of salt of different purposes.

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CEMENTATION PROVIDES VARITIES OF INDUSTRIAL SALT Chloro Alkali Industry Edible Industry Road De-icing Softening Hard water

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Cementation is one of the leading comapnies in the production firm as well in the exporting firm for industrial salt. It produces more than 500000 TPA of salt spread in the acres of 3600 to produce the various types of salt. Cementation provides the best quality of industrial salt raw sea salt and de-icing salt for road . They export salt on wider volume across the world in different form of shipment. They also provides flexibility as per the requirements of the customer.

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C O N T A C T U S Mailing Address 2 / 2 n d F l o o r T i m e S q u a r e I I P l o t N o . 6 W a r d 7 B O p p . S i n d h u B a u g G a n d h i d h a m D i s t . K u t c h G u j a r a t - 3 7 0 2 0 1 I n d i a Phone Number + 9 1 - 9 9 2 5 8 9 1 7 5 4 / + 9 1 - 7 5 6 7 9 6 1 5 8 9 Email Address i n f o c e m e n t a t i o n i n d i a . c o m

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