Benefits of Intelligent ERP System (iERP)


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Benefits of iERP - Intelligent ERP system - Integration of IoT with enterprise resource planning system. Know about the advantages


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Benefits of Intelligent ERP System (iERP):

Benefits of Intelligent ERP System ( iERP )

Intelligent erp (i-erp) overview:

Intelligent erp (i-erp) overview Intelligent ERP comes with a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning, block chain technology, massive data sets, enhanced user experience, cloud platform and the Internet of Things ( IoT ). iERP uses record information with autonomic and predictive intelligence assets to help business firms compete in the digitalized media.  

Common benefits of Traditional & Intelligent ERP System:

Common benefits of Traditional & Intelligent ERP System

Production management:

Production management

Inventory management:

Inventory management

Financial management:

Financial management

Sales management:

Sales management

CRM management:

CRM management

Purchasing process:

Purchasing process

Fix the MRP rates:

Fix the MRP rates

Human resource management:

Human resource management

Customer service management:

Customer service management

Additional Benefits of Intelligent ERP System (iERP):

Additional Benefits of Intelligent ERP System ( iERP )

Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of Things ( IoT )

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning

Autonomous Decisions:

Autonomous Decisions

Cloud Based Connections:

Cloud Based Connections

In-memory computing:

In-memory computing

APIs Hyper-connected:

APIs Hyper-connected

Block Chain Technology:

Block Chain Technology

Enhanced user experience:

Enhanced user experience

Massive Data Sets:

Massive Data Sets

Human-machine interaction:

Human-machine interaction

Contextual Analytics:

Contextual Analytics

The conclusion:

The conclusion By 2021, 20% of G2000 manufacturers will depend on iERP . Intelligent ERP system will automate the large-scale processes and speed up the execution times by up to 25%

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