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5 MIND-BLOWING NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR YEAST INFECTION By: MayaPB Yeast infection is also called Candida. A group of microscopic fungi or yeast causes this. The medical name of yeast is Candida albicans. Generally it attacks vagina. It can also develop around dentures in the mouth nail beds lower abdomen under breasts and below skin folds. Factors causing yeast infection There are certain factors that can increase the risk of yeast infection. These can be stress diabetes pregnancy oral contraceptives chronic health conditions antibiotics and steroids. After menopause estrogen levels decline in women thinning vaginal walls. So they can get this infection. Most men and women get this disease at least once in a lifetime. Signs Some symptoms of the yeast infections are swelling around the infected area itching and burning. If it’s vaginal yeast infection it will cause discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse burning feeling while patient urinates and odorless vaginal discharge. Home remedies Good news is that there are natural cures for yeast infection that will eliminate it in a short time. An entire treatment regimen can be found at: Treat Yeast Infections Naturally. There are also simple remedies you can try that you may already have around your house. Check out the list below. How to Naturally Cure Your Yeast Infection Click here to Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good.

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1. Coconut oil With its antifungal properties coconut oil can kill the fungi instantly. It helps get rid of yeast infections. Apply this oil three times daily on the affected area using the clean cotton ball. Alternately combine an equal amount of this oil with cinnamon oil. It will control infection growth. If dentures are affected swish coconut oil in the mouth for ten minutes like a mouthwash. Add a few drops of cinnamon oil or tea tree oil. Spit out and never swallow. Repeat three times daily. 2. Garlic To cure any type of yeast infection antifungal anti-bacterial and natural antibiotic components are highly effective. Crush a few cloves of garlic to make a paste. Apply to the affected skin area. If fresh garlic is not available mix garlic oil and vitamin E oil with coconut oil. Then apply. 3. Cranberry Cranberries have antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help fight fungi causing yeast infections. Take cranberry juice three times a day. Make sure it is unsweetened. Tablets are also available. Take two or three times a day. How to Naturally Cure Your Yeast Infection Click here to Cure Your Yeast Infection Now.

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4. Yogurt This widely available dairy product can be so good to cure yeast infection. It has a friendly strain of bacteria ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus’ which controls infection growth in the body. Use plain yogurt in unsweetened form. Apply it to the affected area for 30 minutes. An ideal remedy is to have it applied overnight. Rinse off next morning. It will also relieve itching in the affected skin. Take yogurt on the regular diet as well. How to Naturally Cure Your Yeast Infection Click here to Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good.

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5. Apple cider vinegar There are some components in apple cider vinegar that help control yeast infection. This edible is a great remedy to ward off infection-causing fungi. Take a cup of warm water and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix them and take two times daily. Continue for four to five days or unless it generates desired results. Make sure it is organic apple cider vinegar which has murky brown color. Take a hot bath by adding vinegar in water. It will cure itching and irritation in the skin in a few minutes. Before using any home remedy consult an expert or a physician. Want the best natural and holistic yeast infection cure available Click here to get rid of your yeast infection today.

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